List of Visitors' Talks (Fiscal 2000)

I. Device Physics


April 13 Prof. Seiji TakedaOsaka University
"Novel fabrication process of Si nano structure and oxidation"
May 10Dr. Neil Zimmerman National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
"Long-term charge offset and glassy dynamics in
SET transistors"
May 18Prof. Ernst BauerArizona State University, USA
June 29Dr. Stefan Heun Sincrotrone Trieste ELETTRA, Italy
"Nanospectroscopy on InAs nanocrystals"
July 13Dr. Matthew. P. HalsallUniversity of Manchester, UK
"Si-Ge self assembled quantum dots"
Aug. 25Prof. Pulickel M. AjayanRensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
"Growth and structure of carbon nanotubes"
Sept. 18Dr. C. N. McKintyUniversity of Surrey, Guildford. UK
"Investigating the use of sputtered b-FeSi2 for
solar cell applications"
Nov. 1Prof. Robert L. WhiteStanford University, USA
"A review of the research at the Stanford Center
for Research on information storage materials"
Jan. 17Prof. Otto ZhouUniversity of North Carolina, USA
"Growth and application of carbon nanotube"
Jan. 19Dr. Stefano FontanaSincrotrone Trieste ELETTRA, Italy
"The spectromicroscope of Elettra"
Jan. 19Dr. Toshihisa TomieElectrotechnical Laboratory
"Photoelectron micro-spectroscopy with a
laser-plasma X-ray source"
Jan. 24Dr. Dean CollinsThe Advanced Research and Development
Activity, USA
"Details of ARDA's program in quantum
information science"
Jan. 24Dr. Keith SchwabThe Laboratory for Physical Science, USA
"Quantum computing research at the laboratory
for physical sciences"
Jan. 31Prof. Stoyan S. StoyanovInstitute of Physical Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy
of Sciences, Bulgaria
"A shape of the steps at the surface of Si crystal with SiO2 inclusions"
March 5Prof. Takashi Morie Hiroshima University
"Image-recognition integrated circuit systems based on brain-like processing"
March 27Prof. K. P. JainIndian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
"Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopy of
silicon nanostructures"

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