The mission of NTT Basic Research Laboratories is to create, by exploring the frontier of technology and creating a world-renown body of academic knowledge, technology innovations that will come into play in perhaps 10 or 20 years. Hence, in line with our enterprise strategy, we are developing new principles and concepts for the innovative technologies that will lead to NTT-group competitiveness and provide the infrastructure of the IT society in the 21st century. Nanotechnologies have attracted world attention over since the U.S. government announced their significance in its national strategy. We have been systematic studying nanoscience and nanotechnology for many years. The social and industrial expectations to the nanoscience and nanotechnology are a good incentive for us.
    The fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology are further reflected in our research planning policy. We are aiming at breakthroughs that overcome the speed, capacity, power-consumption, size, and security barriers to the future network. So, we are pushing research of quantum information processing, ultimate electron devices, optical integrated circuits, and trying to artificially create new materials. To carry out more effective research, we are collaborating with outside parties based on our open-door policy, and actively harness outside talent. In particular, we now have an Advisory Board that does peer reviews and evaluates our laboratories. The first Advisory Board meeting convened this past February. We are now working to improve management based on the Advisory Board's suggestions.
    This booklet, "Research Activities in NTT Basic Research Laboratories," is published annually to provide an overview of the research activities of the NTT Basic Research Laboratories. This volume reviews activities that have been conducted during fiscal year 2000. I hope this booklet will lead to the exchange of scientific information and promote mutual understanding among all scientists.

August 2001

NTT Basic Research Laboratories
3-1 Morinosato Wakamiya
Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa 243-0198, Japan

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