Award Winner's List (Fiscal 2001)

The 4th Electronics Society Award
(The Institute of Electronics,
Information and Communication Engineers)
T. Mukai
T. Saitoh
Y. Yamamoto*
*NTT R&D Fellow
Stanford Univ.
"Pioneering Research on Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers" Sept. 19 , 2001
The EMS Award
(20th Electronic Materials Symposium)
M. Kasu "MOVPE Growth and Large Field Emission of Heavily Si-doped Aluminum Nitrides Jun. 22 , 2001
iGordon Research Conferencej
K. Torimitsu
N. Kasai
Y. Jimbo
Y. Furukawa*
"Glutamate transients and neuronal bursts at multiple positions in a rat cortex and hippocampus induced by low magnesium" Feb. 8 , 2002