List of Visitor's Talks (Fiscal 2001)

II. Materials Science


May 8 Prof. Eiichi NakamuraThe University of Tokyo
"Highly effective chemical modification of fullerene - the course to metal-fullerene complex polymers"
June 18Dr. P. M. Koenraad Eindhoven University of Technology,The Netherlands
"Analysis of single and stacked InAs quantum dots at the atomic level by cross-sectional STM"
June 18 Dr. Ronald Cron CEA-Saclay, France
"Electrical transport through one atom contacts"
Aug. 17Prof. Tomoji KawaiOsaka University
"Nanotechnology toward artificial bio-information materials and devices"
Oct. 2Prof. Rudolf GrossTechnical University of Munich, Germany
"Physics and applications of superconducting and magnetic oxides"
Dec. 14 Dr. Larry NagaharaPhysical Sciences Research Laboratories, Motorola Inc., USA
"Molecular-scale engineering: what is needed for success?"
Jan. 10 Dr. Mutsuhiro ShimaMassachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
"Nanostructured magnetic materials for data storage applications"
Jan. 25Dr. DuanlianTokyo Medical and Dental University
"Cisplatin augments TNF-a cytotoxity by induction of apoptosis in glioblastoma cell lines"
March 15Prof. Peter Gruenberg & Dr. E. BuerglerInstitute of Solid State Research (IFF),The Research Centre Juelich, Germany
"Structures of thin magnetic films separated by metallic or semiconducting interlayers: growth, structural, magnetic and magnetotransport properties"