List of Visitor's Talks (Fiscal 2001)

III. Quantum Electron Physics


May 15 Prof. Hiroyuki SakakiThe University of Tokyo
"Progress in telecommunication technology and nanostructure devices"
June 18Prof. Yoshihisa Yamamoto Stanford University, USA
"Hardware technology for quantum information processing"
July 10Prof. Michael SantosUniversity of Oklahoma, USA
"Novel electronic properties of narrow-gap quantum wells"
Aug. 28Dr. Jeremy O'BrienThe University of New South Wales, Australia
"STM fabrication of single phosphorus atom arrays for a silicon quantum computer & an investigation of the 0.7 feature in GaAs open quantum dots"
Aug. 30Dr. Adrian AvramescuThe Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
"Growth of AlN-SiC solid solutions by sequential supply epitaxy"
Oct. 5Dr. Huili XingUniversity of California, Santa Barbara, USA
"Progress in gallium nitride based bipolar transistors"
Oct. 9Dr. Rudolf HeyThe Paul-Drude-Institute, Germany
"Growth of a two-dimensional electron gas system of high mobility and density"
Oct. 11Prof. Klaus H. Ploog The Paul-Drude-Institute, Germany
"Tunneling-induced spin injection from Fe and MnAs into GaAs"
Oct. 22Prof. B. MonemarLinkoping University, Sweden
"Photoluminescence of excitons in InxGa1-xN/InyGa1-yN multiple quantum wells"
Jan. 11Prof. Yshai AvishaiBen-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
"Electron tunneling through artificial and real molecules"
March 6Prof. Harry W. TomUniversity of California, Riverside, USA
"Femtosecond laser-induced physical and chemical processes at surfaces"
March 7Dr. J. HerfortThe Paul-Drude-Institute, Germany
"Mound formation and its consequences for the growth of GaAs at low temperatures"