List of Visitor's Talks (Fiscal 2001)

IV. Quantum Optics & Optical Materials


April 5 Dr. Tetsuro NikuniThe University of Toronto, Canada
"Dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensed gases at finite temperature"
June 25Prof. Kazumi Wada Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
"Si Micro-photonics"
Sept. 5Dr. G. Ravindra KumarTata Institute of Fundamental Research, India
"Femtosecond, intense laser interaction with solids - hot electrons and megagauss magnetic fields"
Oct. 9Prof. Wolfgang HusinskyVienna University of Technology, Austria
"The possible role of ballistic electrons in ultra-fast laser ablation of metals: studied by pump-probe experiments"
Oct. 12Prof. A. A. AndreevResearch Institute for Laser Physics, Russia@
"Generation of superstrong laser fields and their applications"
Jan. 22Dr. Takashi FujiiCentral Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
"Intense laser light propagation in the air using mobile TW-laser system"
Jan. 23Dr. Takeya TsurumiThe University of Tokyo
"A Bose-Einstein condensate trapped in a torus potential"
Jan. 30Dr. Paulo V. SantosThe Paul-Drude-Institute, Germany
"Dynamical modulation of quantum wells by high-frequency fields"