List of Invited Talks at International Conferences II. Materials Science

II. Materials Science

(1) M. Fujiki, "A question of parity conservation at the helical polysilylene level", 2nd International Workshop Silicon Chemistry Polymers (ISPO2001), Canterbury, Kent, UK (June, 2001).
(2) Y. Jimbo, N. Kasai, and K. Torimitsu, "Multi-site recording of neuronal activity using electrode array substrates", International Workshop on Cell-Substrate Coupling, Munchen, Germany (June, 2001).
(3) K. Furukawa and K. Ebata, "End-grafted polysilane-synthesis, structure and properties of single polysilane molecule tethered on solid surface", International Workshop on Si containing polymers, Canterbury, UK (June, 2001).
(4) H. Shibata, "Optical study of the Josephson plasma in various high-Tc superconductors", Superconducting Device Physics 2001 (SDP2001), Tokyo, Japan (June, 2001).
(5) H. Takayanagi, "Reflectionless tunneling due to Andreev reflection in a gated superconductor-semiconductor junction", Superconducting Device Physics 2001 (SDP2001), Tokyo, Japan (June, 2001).
(6) A. Matsuda, S. Sugita, and T. Watanabe, "Zn and Co impurity in Bi-2212 Superconductor probed by LT-STM", International Workshop on Defects in Correlated Electron Systems, Dresden, Germany (July, 2001).
(7) K. Torimitsu, Y. Furukawa, and H. Tabei, "Nanostructure controlled substrates: nanostructure modification of bio-active substrates for nerve cell growth", 8th International Conference of Composit Engineering, Tenereife, Spain (August, 2001).
(8) K. Torimitsu, Y. Furukawa, N. Kasai, and Y. Jimbo, "Sensapolooza: Guided tour of the new silicon senses", SIGGRAPH2001, Los Angels, USA (August, 2001).
(9) M. Naito, S. Karimoto, K. Ueda, and T. Greibe, "Epitaxy stabilized n-type superconducting thin films", The 2nd International Workshop on Novel Quantum Phenomena in Transition Metal Oxides, Sendai, Japan (August, 2001).
(10) M. Naito and S. Karimoto, "High-quality large-area high-Tc films grown by molecular beam epitaxy", An International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Glasses (PAC RIM 4), Maui, USA (August, 2001).
(11) M. Fujiki, J. R. Koe, M. Motonaga, H. Nakashima, T. Sato, K. Terao and A. Teramoto, "Switchable ambidextrous helical organopolysilylene", 8th International Conference on Circular Dichroism (CD2001), Sendai, Japan (September, 2001)..
(12) M. Naito and H. Yamamoto, "Redox reaction at surface and interface of cuprates", Korean-Japanese International Workshop on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Himeji, Japan (September, 2001).
(13) K. Torimitsu, "Molecular and Bioscience Research in NTT", Tateshina Conference on Organic Chemistry, Tateshina, Japan (November, 2001).
(14) M. Fujiki, "Switchable hyper helical polymers toward molecular processors",1st AIST International Symposium on Nanotechnology, Tokyo, Japan (November, 2001).
(15) M. Naito, H. Sato, S. Karimoto, H. Yamamoto, and A. Tsukada, "Epitaxial superconducting oxide films: strain enhanced pairing and epitaxy produced new materials", Material Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting, Boston, USA (November, 2001).
(16) K. Torimitsu, N. Kasai, Y. Jimbo and Y. Furukawa, "Glutamate transients and neuronal bursts at multiple positions in a rat cortex and hippocampus induced by low magnesium", Gordon Research Conference, Magnesium in biochemical processes and medicine, Ventura, USA (February, 2002).
(17) Y. Jimbo, H. P. C. Robinson and K. Torimitsu, "MEA-based neuronal recording", Winter Conference on Brain Research, Colorad, USA (February, 2002).