@We greatly appreciate your support and interest in the research activities of NTT Basic Research Laboratories.
@The objectives of the NTT Basic Research Laboratories are to find new scientific principles and create innovative technologies that will form the infrastructure of an information sharing society characterized by "Informative Ambience". As we move toward our goals, we continue to pioneer research fields by developing innovative technologies and to produce outstanding scientific achievements. Our research interests are device physics, functional material science, quantum electronic physics, and quantum optics, and this work engages the efforts of about one hundred researchers. Nanotechnology designed to control nano-structures at molecular and atomic levels and Quantum Information Technology based on quantum mechanical principles are key words in relation to our research activities.
@To maintain our innovative research activities and open the frontiers of science, we believe it is essential to pursue an open research policy and recognize the wide variety of talent that exists around the world. We run various scientific exchange programs with universities and institutes and undertake many joint projects. Moreover, international symposia are regularly held to promote further progress in specific research fields. We hosted the International Symposium on Mesoscopic Superconductivity and Spintronics 2002 in March this year.
This booklet, "Research Activities in NTT Basic Research Laboratories Vol. 12," provides an overview of our research activities in 2001. We hope this booklet will encourage mutual understanding and further collaboration among all scientists.

July 2002

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