Workshop on Surface & Nano-Science in NTT

@An International Workshop on Surface & Nano-Science was organized by NTT and was held on November 29, 2002, at the NTT Atsugi R&D Center. This workshop was a satellite to the 2nd International Workshop on Nano-Scale Spectroscopy and Nanotechnology, which was held in Tokyo. This satellite workshop covered a whole range of aspects of nanoscience and nanotechnology including various spectroscopic methods employed to understand nanoscale phenomena. There were 51 participants (14 (overseas), 17 (domestic), 20 (NTT) ). Although the workshop was rather short, leading scientists discussed their most recent topics intensely.
@Dr. S. Ishihara, Director of NTT Basic Research Laboratories, gave the opening address and welcomed the participants. This was followed by interesting presentation by Dr. M. Kiskinova, Sincrotrone Trieste, and Dr. G. Salviati, IMEM-CNR in Parma. They described their recent progress in the area of nano fabrication and their spectroscopic characterizations. From NTT, there were 4 presentations; discussing topics such as the self-assembly of nanostructures and interconnection, synchrotron radiation based materials science, nanolithography for nano-device fabrication, and coherent control in semiconductor nanostructures for semiconductor quantum computers. In addition, we arranged a lab tour and participants had a unique opportunity to see some of the important R&D activities in this center.