Award Winner's List (Fiscal 2002)

Japanese Society of Electron Microscopy Award (Setoh Award) Y. Homma "Development of ultrahigh vacuum in situ scanning electron microscope and its application to the study of crystal growth processes" May 14,2002
The prize of the Japan Society for the Promotion of the Machine Industry in 2002 H. Namatsu "Development of Supercritical Dryer for Ultra-fine Patterning" Dec. 4,2002
The Japan Society of Applied Physics Young Scientist Award for the Presentation of an Excellent Paper K. Kanzaki "Effect of Resist Thickness on the Linewidth Fluctuations" Sept. 24,2002
23rd Int. Conf. on Low Temperature Physics POSTER AWARD E. Huefeld
T. Bauch
V. Krasnov
P. Delsing
H. Takayanagi
"Critical Current Distributions in Ballistic Andreev Junctions" Aug. 27,2002