List of Visitor's Talks (Fiscal 2002)

I. Device Physics

Date SpeakerAffiliation

May 16 Dr. Toshiaki Munakata RIKEN
"Time-resolved photoemission microspectroscopy based on fs-VUV laser light"
May 23 Prof. T. Gustafsson Rutgers University (State University of New Jersey), USA
"Medium energy ion scattering studies of thin films for microelectronic applications"
May 28 Prof. Takanori Koshikawa Osaka Electro-Communication University
"Present status and future prospects of surface studies by LEEM and PEEM"
Sept. 3 Prof. Adarsh Sandhu Tokyo Institute of Technology
"Room temperature magnetic imaging of ferromagnetic domains by scanning micro-hall probe microscopy"
Sept. 20 Prof. Zhaohui Zhang Peking University, China
"Structure transition of Ge/Si(113) surfaces during Ge epitaxial growth"
Sept. 20 Mr. Florian Meneau Royal Institution of Great Britain, UK
"Real-time observation of CdS Nanoparticle Synthesis"
"Self-organization of CdS nanoparticles on silicon"
Oct. 1 Dr. Mark Baxendale University of London, UK
"The physics and applications of carbon nanotubes"
Oct. 9 Mr. Kosuke Tatsumura
Dr. Takanobu Watanabe
Waseda University
"Large-scale modeling of SiO2/Si interface atomic structures by molecular dynamics"
Dec. 5 Prof. E. Bauer Arizona State University, USA
"LEEM and XMCDPEEM Studies of MX layers on semiconductor surfaces (M=Ga, Mn, X=N, As)"
Dec. 18 Dr. Bingqing Wei Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
"Tailoring and modification of carbon nanotube architectures"
March 26 Dr. Philip J. Poole National Research Council, Canada
"Growth of InAs/InP nanostructures by selective area CBE"