List of Visitor's Talks (Fiscal 2002)

III. Quantum Electron Physics

Date SpeakerAffiliation

Apr. 11 Prof. G. E. W. Bauer Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
"AC-DC magnetoelectronics"
May 8 Prof. G. E. W. Bauer Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
"Elements of semiconductor magnetoelectronics"
May 17 Dr. Chul Huh Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
"Chemical treatment for metal contact to n- and p-GaN"
June 18 Dr. Chengxin Wang Simon Fraser University, Canada
"Growth and characterization of nitride and other III-V semiconductors for device applications"
Aug. 20 Dr. Nicolas Freytag Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Germany
"Measurements of the electron spin degree of freedom in 2D electron systems"
Aug. 29 Dr. Maarten Wegewijs Institut fur Theoretische Physik A, Germany
"Negative differential conductance in a benzene-molecular device"
Sept. 2 Prof. Y. Avishai Ben Gurion University, Israel
"Dynamical symmetries in Kondo tunneling through complex quantum dots"
Sept. 10 Dr. Akira Kawaguchi Osaka University
"Magnetic properties of a one-dimensional electron system near quantum phase transition"
Sept. 13 Prof. A. Asenov University of Glasgow, UK
"Nanotechnology research and nanoscale device simulation at University of Glasgow"
Oct. 1 Dr. V. Seleznev Russian Academy of Sciences Novosibirsk, Russia
"Rolled-up heterostructures: fabrication, properties, applications"
Oct. 10 Dr. C. Fuhner University of Hannover, Germany
"Kondo and Fano resonances in semiconductor quantum dots"
Nov. 13 Dr. Xuedong Hu Riken and University of Maryland, USA
"Spin-based quantum dot quantum computing approaches"
Jan. 15 Dr. M. Henini University of Nottingham, UK
"Structural and optical properties of self-assembled quantum dots grown by molecular beam epitaxy"
Jan. 20 Prof. A. R. Hamilton University of New South Wales, Australia
"1. Macroscopic quantum coherence in bilayer quantum Hall systems
2. Fast twin-SET readout for semiconductor based quantum computation"
Jan. 22 Prof. C. H. Nam KAIST, Korea
"Coherent Control of High-order Harmonics"
Jan. 29 Dr. Joshua Folk Harvard University and M.I.T., USA
"Spin measurements in lateral GaAs quantum dots"