International Symposium on Mesoscopic Superconductivity and Spintronics
--- In the light of Quantum Computation ---

 The symposium MS+S2004 was held during March 1-4, 2004, at NTT Atsugi R&D Center in collaboration with Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology - Japan Science and Technology Agency (CREST-JST), Research and Development Association for Future Electron Devices (FED), NTT Basic Research Laboratories, and NTT Communication Science Research Laboratories.
 Recently, mesoscopic superconductivity and spintronics have attracted much interest because of their potential ability to produce novel and revolutionary devices, such as scalable solid-state quantum computer. In this symposium, setting a key-word as “quantum computation”, we NTT Basic Research Laboratories together with NTT Communication Science Research Laboratories have invited the leading scientists in these fields and have promoted active discussions including up-to-date topics. This biannual symposium was first held in the year of 2000, and this is the third symposium.
 On the 1st day, after the opening and welcome address by Dr. Hideaki Takayanagi, R&D Fellow and the Director of NTT Basic research Laboratories, Dr. John. Martinis (NIST Fellow) gave a plenary lecture with the title “Coherence in Josephson Phase Qubits”. Including a lecture about superconducting flux qubit by prof. J. E. Mooij (Delft Univ.), there were 11 oral presentations concerning qubit. After a short laboratory tour to SOR facility and qubit facilities, the 45 posters were presented in the evening session.
 On the 2nd day, the 5 oral presentations discussed on quantum information theory and quantum algorithm including an exciting lecture by prof. Seth Lloyd (MIT). There were 5 oral presentations discussed on spintronics The first demonstration of gate control of electron spin was shown by NTT. The tunable magnetism in quantum dot device was also proposed by NTT. In the evening session, the 40 posters were presented.
 On the 3rd day, in the morning session, there were 6 oral presentations on spintronics. In the afternoon, the excursion to Lake Ashi in Hakone was carried out and the banquet party was held in Gotenba.
 On the 4th day, Chalmers Univ., NTT-BRL, Kansas Univ., D-Wave Systems, CNRS Grenoble, RIKEN-NEC, CEA-Saclay group presented quantum oscillations and coherent control of superconducting qubit. There were 14 oral presentations.
 The total number of participants was 203 (133 from outside of NTT). During the conference, participants were strongly impressed by high-quality presentations and stimulating discussions.

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