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  NTT Basic Research Laboratories is extremely grateful for your interest in and support of its research activities.

 The mission of NTT BRL is to: 1) discover new concepts in the field of network technology that would overcome the present limitations in speed, capacity and size, and 2) develop basic technologies that could lead to future (span of 5 to 20 years) commercial opportunities. Based on this concept it has been focusing on quantum information processing and nano-bio project.

 The core research in information processing is quantum computation and quantum cryptography. Taking advantage of its rich experience and knowledge in solid-state devices, NTT BRL has been engaged in quantum bit research using superconducting device, semiconductor quantum dot and cooled atom, and achieving worldwide success. In recent years, research on quantum cryptography using novel algorithm has become another major focus. Another main research, nano-bio project, is conducted by fusing neuroscience, bio-molecular science and nanotechnology. Molecular - protein hybrid structure, for instance, could lead to novel devices in the future.

 While promoting these projects, it is implementing exploratory research in the following fields: quantum correlation within low-dimensional electron systems, systems that use the spin of individual electrons as an information carrier, material design that uses quantum dots as building blocks, electrical properties of carbon nano-tubes, and MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) related to superconductivity. It puts emphasis in having good communication between researchers and managers in order to precisely judge the potential of each research.

 Innovative technology is also carried out. For instance, BRL has succeeded in operating a diamond transistor at 80GHz by developing technology to produce diamond thin films of high quality. In addition, core technologies, i.e. single-electron devices which have extremely low power consumption, photonic crystal for use as active optical circuits, and electron devices using wide-bandgap semiconductor materials, are under research and considered to solve limitations in network.

 Moreover, BRL not only keeps in close touch with other NTT Laboratories, but also runs various scientific exchange programs with institutes inside and outside Japan. It has been working on quantum dots and quantum bits together with Delft University and Stanford University, which has been producing fruitful results. Collaboration in nano-bio with University of Oxford has recently took off and is expected to achieve success.

 Other activities of BRL include International Symposiums, BRL School and International Advisory Board Meetings, which play roles to disseminate its research worldwide and to encourage greater understanding of it.


June 2005

Dr. Hideaki Takayanagi

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