Award Winners’List (Fiscal 2007)


Photonic &
Electromagnetic Crystal Structures (PECS) VII First Place Poster Award
E. Kuramochi Low Loss Long Coupled Resonator Optical Waveguides Realized Using Ultrahigh-Q Photonic Crystal Resonators Apr. 10, 2007
14th Semiconducting and
Insulating Materials Conferences (SIMC XIV)
Young Scientist Award
Y. Taniyasu For Outstanding Contributions in
Developing and Implementing Aluminum Nitride Deep-ultraviolet Light-emitting Diodes
May 17, 2007
The Laser Society of Japan
The 31st Original Paper Award
T. Tanabe
A. Shinya
S. Kawanishi
M. Notomi
All-optical Switching and 5-GHz RZ (Return to Zero) Optical Pulse Train Modulation Using Silicon Photonic Crystal Cavities May 31, 2007
12th Optoelectronics and Communication Conference IEEE/LEOS Japan Chapter
Student Award
T. Yamaguchi Fabrication and Optical Properties of Hybrid-type Pillar Microcavity July 11, 2007
SSDM Young Researcher Award A. Nishikawa High Critical Electric Field Exceeding 8 MV/cm Measured Using AlGaN p-i-n Vertical Conducting Diode on n-SiC Substrate Sep. 19, 2007
SSDM Paper Award T. Sogawa
H. Gotoh
Y. Hirayama
T. Saku
P. V. Santos
K. H. Ploog
Optical Properties of
Dynamically-modulated Dots and Wires Formed by Surface Acoustic Waves
Sep. 19, 2007
The 6th Annual Scientific American 50 T. Tanabe Storing Photons in a Photonic Crystal Nov. 30, 2007
Gordon Research Conferences: Magnesium in Biochemical Processes
& Medicine
Best Poster Presentation Award
K. Torimitsu
Y. Shinozaki
Y. Furukawa
Magnesium Effect on Brain Neural Development Mar. 13, 2008
The Japan Society for the Advancement of Invention
Special Award
A. Shimada
Extensometers for Fine Wires Mar. 18, 2008
Young Scientist Award of
the Physical Society of Japan
N. Kumada Electron Spins in Bilayer Quantum Hall Systems Investigated by Nuclear Spin Measurement Mar. 23, 2008

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