List of Visitors' Talks (Fiscal 2007)

l. Materials Science


Date Speaker Affiliation

Apr. 24 Dr. Chandra S.Ramanujan University of Oxford, U.K.
"The NTT Oxford Collaboration: Studying Biological Systems Using Atomic Force Microscopy"
May 8 Dr. Simon Koblar University of Adelaide, Australia
"Stem Cell Therapy for Improvement in Stroke Outcome"
May 18 Prof. Robert Vink University of Adelaide, Australia
"Role of Magnesium in Brain Damage and the Receptor Relation"
May 29 Dr. Hideyuki Maki Keio University
"Carrier Injection Control and Bandgap Control of Carbon Nanotubes"
June 1 Prof. Erhard Kohn University of Ulm, Germany
"Electronic Diamond Surface Characteristics"
June 14 Prof. Shingo Tsukada The Graduate University of Japan Traditional Medicine and Science
"Monitoring of Biological Information Using Meridian Related Impedance Measurement"
Sep. 18 Dr. Achillefs Kapanidis University of Oxford, U.K.
"Studying Biomachines and Biosensors Using Single-molecule Fluorescence"
Oct. 24 Prof. David J. Rogers University of Technology of Troyes, France
"Use of ZnO Thin Films as Sacrificial Templates for MOVPE and Chemical Lift-off of GaN"
Oct. 25 Dr. Kimiko Yamamoto The University of Tokyo
"Regulation of Circulatory Function by Vascular Endothelial P2X4 Receptor"
Nov. 16 Prof. Jun Suda Kyoto University
"Growth of High-quality AlN on SiC (0001) by Step-height Control and Growth of Novel-polytype AlN on SiC with Non-polar Crystal Faces"
Dec. 18 Prof. Seiji Samukawa Tohoku University
"Damage-free Neutral Particle Beams for Nano-device Fabrication"


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