List of Visitors' Talks (Fiscal 2007)

V. Optical Science


Date Speaker Affiliation

Apr. 6 Prof. Robert M. Westervelt Harvard University, U.S.A.
"Integrated Circuit / Microfluidic Chips for the Manipulation of Biological Cells"
May 15 Mr. Hong C. Nguyen University of Sydney, Australia
"Enhanced Kerr Nonlinearity in As2Se3 Chalcogenide Fibre Tapers with Sub-wavelength Diameter"
May 31 Prof. Kazuki Koshino Tokyo Medical and Dental University, JST PRESTO
"Use of the Classical Input for Solving the Two-photon Nonlinear Dynamics"
June 22 Dr. Qiang Zhang Stanford University, U.S.A.
"Experimental Quantum Teleportation of a Two-qubit Composite System"
June 27 Prof. Norio Kawakami Kyoto University
"Orbital Kondo Effect in Quantum Dot Systems - Application of the Exact Solution -"
Aug. 3 Prof. Shmuel Gurvitz Weizman Institute, Israel
"Lapse of Transmission Phase and Electron Molecules in Quantum Dots"
Aug. 8 Dr. Tatsuya Fujii The University of Tokyo
"Formula of Shot Noise in a Mesoscopic Conductor Based on Keldysh Formalism"
Aug. 22 Prof. Shmuel Gurvitz Weizman Institute, Israel
"Quantum Mechanical Approach to Decoherence and Relaxation Generated by Fluctuating Environment"
Sep. 10 Prof. Xin-Qi Li Chinese Academy of Science, China
"Particle-number-resolved Master Equation to Quantum Transport, Quantum Measurement, and Quantum Control"
Oct. 22 Dr. Paulo V. Santos Paul Drude Institute, Germany
"Control of Photons and Excitons Using Surface Acoustic Waves"
Nov. 9 Mr. Tomohiro Amemiya The University of Tokyo
"Ferromagnet-semiconductor Composite Devices for Waveguide Isolators"
Nov. 26 Mr. Odilon D. D. Couto Jr. Paul Drude Institute, Germany
"Spin Transport and Relaxation in (110) GaAs Quantum Wells Using Surface Acoustic Waves"
Nov. 30 Dr. Andrew Shields Toshiba Research Europe Ltd., Cambridge Research Laboratory, U.K.
"Single Photon Technology for Quantum Information Applications"
Jan. 9 Dr. Jean Benoit Heroux The University of Tokyo
"Characterization of GaMnAs by Time-resolved Mid-infrared Transmittance and THz Emission"
Jan. 29 Dr. Renato Renner Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
"Symmetries and Cryptography"
Feb. 27 Mr. Tony Pisano NP Photonics, U.S.A.
"Recent Status in Optical Fiber Lasers in Telecom-band"
March 17 Prof. Takaaki Mukai Osaka City University
"Modulation Characteristics in Semiconductor Lasers with Fiber Bragg Gratings"