List of Visitors’ Talks (Fiscal 2008)
l. Materials Science
Date Speaker Affiliation

May. 23 Prof. Erhard Kohn University of Ulm, Germany
"Recent Progress in Diamond Related Device Work at Ulm"
Sep. 29 Prof. Satoru Tanaka Kyushu University
"Formation of Heterostructures by SiC Surface Nano-Facets and Surface Self-Reformation"
Sep. 29 Mr. Kenjiro Hayashi Kyushu University
"Analysis of Stacking Sequence of Graphene Layers Formed on SiC Surface"
Oct. 7 Prof. Jonathan Heddle Tokyo Institute of Technology
"Bionanoengineering with Protein Rings"
Oct. 14 Prof. Seigi Mizuno Kyushu University
"Analysis of Surface Structure by Low-Energy Electron Diffraction and Development of Nano Area Probes"
Dec. 12
Dec. 19
Dec. 26
Prof. Jocelyn Achard Université Paris 13, France
"Fundamentals of Diamond CVD Growth Process"
Mar. 24 Mr. Yoshihiko Kuroki Sony Coporation
"Improvements in Motion Image Quality by High Frame Rate"

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