Message from the Director

 We are deeply grateful for your interest and support with respect to our research activities.
 Our mission is to overcome technological obstacles such as providing high-capacity transmission and delivering absolutely safe telecommunication. To achieve these goals, we are focusing on 1. Iconoclastic Science and Technology, 2. Innovative technologies, 3. Incubating new ideas and strengthening our competences. This will allow us to contribute to the success of NTT’s business and promote advances in science that we hope will ultimately benefit all mankind.
 As we proceed with our research, there are some very high barriers to overcome and we are also facing the demand to make speedy progress. If we are to achieve our goals, it is important that we adopt a global perspective in relation to our research activities, and to this end we are actively collaborating with many universities and research institutes throughout the world as well as with other NTT laboratories. To help promote a public understanding of our activities and frank exchanges of opinion, BRL holds a "Science Plaza" every year. We also host international conferences at NTT Atsugi R&D Center. The International Symposium on Nanoscale Transport and Technology (ISNTT2009) was held in January 2009, and more than 200 people attended. Moreover, one of our missions is the education of young researchers and we have sponsored four "BRL Schools" since 2002. The BRL School boasts distinguished researchers as lecturers, and on each occasion more than 30 graduate students from both at home and abroad have felt its benefit. We hope that this endeavor will encourage research and contribute to its future growth.
 It gives us immense pleasure to fulfill our mission of being an open laboratory in this way, and to disseminate our research output worldwide. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.


Junji Yumoto

NTT Basic Research Laboratories

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