Message from the Director

 We are extremely grateful for your interest and support with respect to our research activities.
 The three research areas at NTT-BRL, namely Materials Science, Physical Science, and Optical Science, are undertaking work designed to create new values supporting NTT’s future business and to promote advances in science that will ultimately benefit all mankind.
 A fundamental goal of these research activities is to improve global competitiveness. Therefore, BRL is collaborating with many universities and research institutes throughout the world as well as with other NTT laboratories. BRL organizes international conferences related to quantum physics and nanotechnology and also holds a "Science Plaza" to enhance public understanding of our activities and to ensure a frank exchange of opinions. Moreover, one of our missions is the education of young researchers and we sponsor the biennial "BRL School", which boasts distinguished researchers as lecturers. In November 2009, thirty-five Ph.D. students and young researchers from universities and institutes in 9 countries participated in the BRL School. We hope that this endeavor will encourage research and contribute to its future growth.
 It gives us immense pleasure to fulfill our mission of being an open laboratory, and to disseminate our research output worldwide. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.


Itaru Yokohama

NTT Basic Research Laboratories

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