International Symposium on Nanoscale Transport and Technology (ISNTT2011)


 The symposium was held at the NTT Atsugi R&D Center from January 11 to 14, 2011. The carrier transport properties in nanoscale semiconductor and superconducting structures are receiving strong interest due to the potential they offer for novel devices such as solid-state quantum computers, single-electron transistors, nanomechanical systems and spintronic devices and are being extensively studied in many research institutes. To further enhance these studies, this symposium was organized by Dr. Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Dr. Kouichi Semba and Dr. Tatsushi Akazaki of NTT Basic Research Laboratories. NTT Basic Research Laboratories is a leader in these fields and the symposium aspired to gather leading scientists in these fields to discuss the most recent topics.
 On the 11th, after opening and welcoming remarks by Dr. Itaru Yokohama (Director of NTT Basic Research Laboratories), Prof. Charles Marcus (Harverd University) gave a plenary lecture on spin manipulation of electrons and nuclei in semiconductor nanostructures. In addition, there were 6 invited and 4 oral presentations on nanomechanics, single-electron systems and superconducting qubits followed by 33 poster presentations in the evening.
 On the 12th, 7 invited and 8 oral presentations discussed graphene, single atom devices, coherent transport and the quantum Hall effect, as well as mesoscopic superconductors. These were followed by further 35 poster presentations.
 On the 13th and 14th, there were 10 invited and 15 oral presentations on nanomechanics, superconducting qubits, semiconductor quantum dots and qubits, nano-SQUID and spintronics, edge channel, as well as their optical properties.
 In total there were 193 participants (including 82 from NTT) who all greatly enjoyed the high-quality presentations and discussions on carrier interactions and spintronics.

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