Lattice image and scattering intensity
of ultrathin step-free InN SQW.
@ Micro-PL spectrum
of ultrathin step-free InN SQW.


Extremely Narrow Violet Photoluminescence Line
from Ultrathin InN Single Quantum Well on Step-free GaN Surface

We have successfully fabricated an ultrathin step-free InN single quantum well (SQW) that emits highly monochromatic ultraviolet light. The step-free InN SQW has one-monolayer (1ML)-thick InN sandwiched by GaN barrier layers and has abrupt hetero-interfaces without any monolayer steps. The abrupt hetero-interfaces enable us to control precisely the emission wavelength and line width by utilizing the quantum size effect. 2ML- and 3ML-thick step-free InN SQWs will emit sharp green and
red lights as predicted by theoretical calculations. (Page 18)