List of Invited Talks at International Conferences (2013)

II. Physical Science Laboratory
(1)  H. Yamaguchi, H. Okamoto, and I. Mahboob, "Strong Coupling and Time-Domain Control in Electromechanical Parametric Resonators", Tohoku-Harvard Joint Workshop New Directions in Materials for Nanoelectronics, Spintronics and Photonics (10th RIEC International Workshop on Spintronics), Sendai, Japan (Jan. 2013).
(2)  I. Mahboob, "Phonon-Cavity Electromechanics in the Strong Coupling Regime", Interdisciplinary Workshop on Quantum Device, Tokyo Japan (Jan. 2013).
(3)  H. Yamaguchi, I. Mahboob, and H. Okamoto, "Strong Modal-Coupling and Parametric Control in Electromechanical Resonators", The 8th ASRC international workshop on "Spin Mechanics", Tokai, Japan (Feb. 2013).
(4)  N. Kumada, S. Tanabe, H. Hibino, H. Kamata, M. Hashisaka, K. Muraki, and T. Fujisawa, "Transport of Edge Magnetoplasmons in Graphene", Korea-Japan joint workshop, Daejeon, Republic of Korea (Apr. 2013).
(5)  S. Saito, X. Zhu, R. Amsuss, Y. Matsuzaki, K. Kakuyanagi, T. Shimooka, N. Mizuochi, K. Nemoto, W. J. Munro, and K. Semba, "Superconducting Qubit Spin Ensemble Hybrid System", Asia Pacific workshop on Quantum Information Science (APWQIS 2013), Tokyo, Japan (May 2013).
(6)  K. Muraki, "NMR Spectroscopy of FQH Liquid and Solid Phases in the First", Symposium on Quantum Hall Effects and Related Topics, Stuttgart, Germany (June 2013).
(7)  K. Muraki, "NMR Probing of Fractional Quantum Hall Liquid and Wigner Solid Phases", 20th International Conference on Electronic Properties of TWO-Dimensional Systems (EP2DS-20), Wroclaw, Poland (July 2013).
(8)  I. Mahboob, "An Electromechanical Phonon Laser", The 18th International Conference on Electron. Dynamics in Semiconductors, Optoelectronics and Nanostructures (EDISON18), Matsue, Japan (July 2013).
(9)  I. Mahboob, "Phonon-Lasing in an Electromechanical 3-Mode System", Tsukuba Nanotechnology Symposium 2013 (TNS'13), Tsukuba, Japan (July 2013).
(10)  K. Kanisawa, "Electronic Processes in Adatom Dynamics at Epitaxial Semiconductor Surfaces Studied Using MBE-STM Combined System", 17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy(ICCGE-17), Warsaw, Poland (Aug. 2013).
(11)  H. Yamaguchi, I. Mahboob, and H. Okamoto, "Nonlinear Phonon Dynamics in GaAs/AlGaAs Electromechanical Resonators", 10th Topical Workshop on Heterostructure Microelectronics (TWHM 2013), Hakodate, Japan (Sep. 2013).
(12)  H. Yamaguchi, I. Mahboob, and H. Okamoto, "Coherent Manipulation and Phonon Lasing in Electromechanical Resonators", International Centre for Theoretical Physics Workshop "Frontiers of Nanomechanics", Trieste, Italy (Sep. 2013).
(13)  A. Fujiwara, "Silicon-Based Nanodevices for Diverse Applications", 39th International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE 2013), London, United Kingdom (Sep. 2013).
(14)  H. Yamaguchi, H. Okamoto, T. Watanabe, and Y. Okazaki, "Mechanical Systems Coupled to Semiconductor Quantum Structures", CeNS Workshop 2013, Nanosciences: Great Adventures on Small Scales, Venice, Italy (Sep. 2013).
(15)  S. Saito, X. Zhu, R. Amsuss, Y. Matsuzaki, K. Kakuyanagi, T. Shimooka, N. Mizuochi, K. Nemoto, W. J. Munro, and K. Semba, "Quantum Hybrid System of Superconducting Flux Qubit and Diamond Spin Ensemble", JSAP-MRS Joint Symposia 2013, Kyoto, Japan (Sep. 2013).
(16)  K. Muraki, "Resistively Detected NMR Study of Correlated Electrons in a GaAs Quantum Well: Fractional Quantum Hall States and More", 2013 International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials (SSDM2013), Fukuoka, Japan (Sep. 2013).
(17)  Y. Takahashi, H. Takenaka, T. Uchida, M. Arita, A. Fujiwara, and H. Inokawa, "High-Speed Operation of Si Single-Electron Transistor", The Electrochemical Society Meeting (224th ECS Meeting), San Francisco, U.S.A. (Oct. 2013).
(18)  T. Fujisawa, H. Kamata, M. Hashisaka, N. kumada, K. Muraki, and H. Hibino, "Plasmon Wavepacket in Edge Channels of GaAs and Graphene", Quantum Science Symposium Asia-2013, Tokyo, Japan (Nov. 2013).
(19)  H. Yamaguchi, I. Mahboob, H. Okamoto, and Y. Okazaki, "Coherent Manipulation and Lasing Operation in Micromechanical Phonon Cavities", International Symposium on Advanced Nanodevices and Nanotechnology (ISANN2013), Hawaii, U.S.A. (Dec. 2013).