List of Award Winners

Award Award Winners Title Date
The 62nd JSAP Spring
Meeting, 2015, Poster
T. Teshima
S. Tsukada
N. Kasai
S. Sasaki
A. Tanaka
H. Nakashima
K. Sumitomo
Conductive silk films for
manipulation of adherent cells
Apr. 1, 2015
45th Senken Gousen
Prize New Frontier
Nippon Telegraph and
Telephone Corporation
Toray Industries
Development of functional fabric “hitoe® Apr. 24, 2015
Analytical Sciences Hot
Article Award
Y. Ueno
K. Furukawa
A. Tin
H. Hibino
On-chip FRET Graphene Oxide Aptasensor: Quantitative Evaluation of Enhanced Sensitivity by Aptamer with a Double-stranded DNA Spacer Sep. 10, 2015
Young Scientist Award
D. Hatanaka Mechanical random access memory in a phonon circuit Sep. 13, 2015
MNC 2014 Award
for Most Impressive
D. Hatanaka
I. Mahboob
K. Onomitsu
H. Yamaguchi
All-Mechanical Bistable Memory In A Phonon Waveguide Nov. 11, 2015
MNC 2014 Award for
Most Impressive Poster
K. Yamazaki
H. Yamaguchi
Renovation of Three-Dimensional Electron Beam Lithography System for Improvement of Positioning Accuracy and Reduction of Turnaround Time Nov. 11, 2015
The Surface Science
Society of Japan Young
Scientist Award
M. Ohtomo
Y. Sekine
H. Hibino
H. Yamamoto
Etching-free Transfer of Highly-aligned Bottom-up Graphene Nanoribbon Arrays on Au(788) Template Feb. 8, 2016
20th Award on
Superconductivity Science
and Technology
H. Yamamoto
Y. Krockenberger
M. Naito
Discovery of Undoped Cuprate Superconductors and Research on its Physical Properties Mar. 3, 2016
JSAP Silicon Technology
Division Incentive Award
J. Noborisaka Electric tuning of direct-indirect optical transitions in silicon Mar. 21, 2016
Excellent Woman
Researcher Award of The
Electrochemical Society of
N. Kasai Nanobio-interfaces for detection and controlling of biological information Mar. 30, 2016