Overview of Quantum Optics and Optical Materials Research

Naoshi Uesugi
Physical Science Laboratory

@Basic research in quantum optics and optical materials is studied to contribute to intellectual breakthroughs as well as the evolution of optical communication and optical signal processing applications. Optical State Control Research Group, Ultrafast Optical Physics Research Group and Optical Device Physics Research Group are engaged in these research fields. Study subjects for each group are listed below.

Quantum State Control Research Group
(1)Quantum information processing (proposal and verification of a new quantum cryptography, studies on quantum protocol and quantum computing)
(2)Soliton quantum optics (achievement of soliton QND, study of soliton squeezing)
(3)Atom optics (experimental and theoretical studies on Bose-Einstein condensation of alkali atoms, and nonlinear spectroscopy of cold atoms)
(4)Theoretical study of exciton in low-dimensional semiconductor structures (clarification of optical and electrical properties of quantum dots and dot arrays)

Ultrafast Optical Physics Research Group
(1)High-irradiance soft X-ray generation from femtosecond laser produced plasma and its application to materials science (demonstration of high-irradiance soft X-ray pulse generation and a table-top soft X-ray laser, clarification of soft X-ray generation mechanism, and demonstration of time resolved soft X-ray spectroscopy)
(2)Ultrafast coherent optical interaction (ultrafast optical nonlinearities in low-dimensional semiconductors, and coherent transient phenomenon in rare earth doped materials)

Optical Device Physics Research Group
(1)Optical properties of low-dimensional semiconductors and their device applications (experimental study of excitonic properties of quantum disks, and polarization control of semiconductor lasers by manipulating electron spin)
(2)Fabrication process of low-dimensional semiconductors (dry etching process for damage free surface, and study of molecular beam selective etching process)
(3)Evaluation of local optical properties in low-dimensional semiconductors on nanometer scale (near field optics by nanometer optical probe)
(4)Studies on GaN quantum well structures (optical properties of GaN quantum well, and theoretical study of energy band structure in GaN)

Specific results in this fiscal year are a new quantum protocol using entangled two photon state, the demonstration of table-top soft X-ray laser in nitrogen ions and polarization control of a surface-emitting semiconductor laser by manipulation of electron-spin.