Award Winner's List (Fiscal 1999)

The 6th Japan Society of Applied Physics Awards for Research Paper Presentation K. Ajito "Near-infrared Raman spectroscopyof laser-trapped single picoliterdroplets" Sept. 1,1999
SSDM Paper Award Y. Takahashi
A. Fujiwara
K. Yamazaki
H. Namatsu
K. Kurihara
K. Murase
"A Si memory device composed of a1D-wire MOSFET switch and asingle-electron-transistor detector" Sept. 21,1999
IEEE International SOI Conference Best Paper Award T. Ernst
D. Munteanu
S .Cristoloveanu
T. Ouisse
N. Hefyene
S. Horiguchi
Y. Ono
Y. Takahashi
K. Murase
"Ultimately thin SOI MOSFETs: Special characteristics and mechanisms" Oct. 7,1999
Nissan Science Prize H. Takayanagi "Study of quantum effects insuperconductor-semiconductior structures" March 22,2000