Science Plaza

The NTT Science and Core-Technology Laboratory Group Forum was held on Nov. 1, 1999, at the NTT Atsugi R&D Center. This forum had two main themes: One was the "Science Plaza", which focused on basic research, and the other was "Technology Plaza", which focused on application technology. The research outputs of the NTT Science and Core-Technology Laboratory Group, which aims to acquire the key technologies for the advanced information distribution society, was presented from both the science and technology sides. NTT Basic Research Laboratories was mainly in charge of the "Science Plaza", and their activities were introduced via presentations in a Quantum Information Science mini-Symposium, Poster Session, and Laboratory tour.
The Quantum Information Science mini-Symposium was held in the main conference room of the NTT Atsugi R&D Center and focused on the Quantum Information Science, which is expected to give birth to the key technologies for the information distribution society of 21st century. After opening remarks by Dr. Sunao Ishihara, Director of NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Dr. Hideaki Takayanagi, Director of Material Research Laboratory, and Prof. Nobuyuki Imoto, Research Professor of NTT Basic Research Laboratories, gave lectures respectively on quantum computation and quantum cryptography. In their talks, they discussed the novel possibility of Quantum Information Science, which is based on the quantum mechanics. The Poster Session featured 56 presentations from the research fields of materials, physics, and information, and we could engage in spirited research discussions with the participants. The "Laboratory Tour" gave participants an opportunity to see equipment used in NTT Basic Research Laboratories, which are generally not open to the public, and was very well received.
A total of 387 participants joined our "Science Plaza" and gave us stimulating comments and advice. This time, we aimed to give clear presentations for non-experts as well as experts. We used a unified format in the Poster Session, and all the members of our laboratories worked hard to give clear presentations. Many participants expressed positive impressions, commenting that the motivation for our research had become much clearer. The "Science Plaza" was a good opportunity for our researchers to reconsider the purpose of their research, and to discuss and promote their own research activities. We would like to again thank those who participated in our "Science Plaza".