List of Visitor's Talks (Fiscal 1999)


l. Device Physics

April 5
Mr. Isao Tomita
Waseda University
"Persistent currents in mesoscopic rings; the effect of correlated impurity potentials"

April 8
Dr. Sangam Banerjee
SPring8 - Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute
"Some new schemes to analyze X-ray reflectivity data obtained from thin single and multilayer films"

April 12
Mr. Ken-ichi Kanzaki
Osaka University
"Polymer materials for microelectronics"

April 13 
Prof. Shinji Matsui
Himeji Institute of Technology     
"Material-wave nanotechnology"

April 21
Dr. Noritaka Usami
The University of Tokyo
"Crystal growth and optical properties of SiGe/Si quantum structures"

May 10
Dr. Kazushi Miki
Electrotechnical Laboratory
"Bismuth and antimony nanolines in Si epitaxial layer for nanoelectronics applications"
"Direct observation of oxidation process on Si(001) by STM"

May 28
Prof. Yukichi Shigeta
Yokohama City University
"Influence of surface structure on epitaxial growth"

July 2
Prof. Takaaki Kawamura
Yamanashi University
"Simulation of MBE growth by extended Monte Carlo method"  

Sept. 20
Prof. Kang L. Wang
University of California, Los Angels, USA
"Self-organized and self-registered Ge dots on Si and their potential application"

Sept. 21
Ms. Madhavi Seetamraju
Indian Institute of Science, India
"Hot carrier transport in modulation doped Si/SiGe and Ge/SiGe superlattice"

Sept. 21
Mr. Federico Rosei
University of Rome, Italy
"Ge growth on patterned Si substrates"

Dec. 3
Dr. Piotr Jedrasik
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
"Neurocorrection of proximity effects in nanolithography"

Dec. 3
Prof. John Boland
University of North Carolina, USA
"Hydrogen dynamics on Si surface"

Jan. 17
Dr. Nobuhiko Mizushima
Hamamatsu Photonics
"Optical interaction with plasma in waveguide structures"

March 9
Mr. Fredrik Boxberg
Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
"Modeling of electronic structures and transport in Si/SiO2 quatum wires and quantum point contacts"

March 14
Dr. Nikolai Faleev
Texas Technical University, USA/Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of Russia Academy of Science, Russia
"The main features of X-ray and synchrotron diffraction studies of different types of heterostructures including quantum wells and quantum dots"

ll. Materials Science

April 22
Mr. Toshiaki Hayashi
The University of Tokyo
"Tunnel magnetoresistance effect using diluted magnetic semiconductor"

May 7
Mr. Tsuyoshi Kondo
Tokyo Institute of Technology
"MBE of polydiacetylenes on GaAs and its optical properties"

May 28
Mr. Shiro Saito
The University of Tokyo
"Vortices in Josephson junction arrays"

June 1
Dr. Sergy Bukalov
Scientific and Technical Centre for Raman Spectroscopy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
"Spectroscopy in the study of modern materials"

June 1
Prof. Larissa Leites
Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
"Spectroscopic analysis of polymer modifications"

June 4
Prof. Kiyotaka Shigehara
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
"Research & Developments of polymer battery materials"

July 6
Prof. Yevgen Bezugliy
B. Verkin Institute for Low-temperature Physics and Engineering, Ukraine
"Effect of spin-orbit and hyperfine interactions on a supercurrent in a S-2DEG-S structure"

Aug. 5
Mr. Takaaki Koga
Harvard University, USA
"Concepts and applications of the use of the superlattice structures to design super thermoelectric materials"

Aug. 27
Prof. Nobuo Matsumoto
Shonan Institute of Technology
"Recent studies of silicon polymers and their future" 

Aug. 30
Mr. Osamu Anegawa
Hokkaido University
"The effect of Zn and Ni on specific heat of LaBaCuO"

Sept. 9
Prof. Serge M. Korogod
Dniepropetrovsk State University, Ukraine
"Geometry-induced features of current transfer in neuronal dendrites"

Nov. 10
Prof. Philip Boudjouk
North Dakota State University, USA
"New routes to semiconducting materials"

Nov. 11
Dr. Pavel Zemanek
Institute of Scientific Instruments, Kralovopolska, Czech
"Employment of Gaussian standing wave for optical trapping of nanoparticles and microparticles"

Jan. 20
Dr. Ken-ichiro Imura
Universite Paris-Sud, France
"Shot noise in fractional quantum Hall devices"

lll. Quantum Electron Physics

May 14
Mr. Nobuyuki Iwata
Waseda University
"Fabrication and characterization of Josephson junction using a ferromagnetic material as an insulator"

May 18
Dr. Kumar Shiralagi 
Motorola Laboratories, Physical Sciences Research Laboratory, USA
"Resistless patterning and selective growth for devices"  

May 26
Prof. Fumio Komori
The University of Tokyo
"STM observation and tunneling spectroscopy of inhomogeneous superconductor surfaces"

July 7
Prof. Pierre M. Petroff
University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
"Splitting and restoring excitons in strain coupled quantum dots"

July 8
Dr. Antonio Polimeni
Notingham University, UK
"Carrier hopping in InAs/(AlGa) As self-assembled quantum dots"

July 21
Prof. W. Stolz & Prof. F. Hohnsdorf
Philipps-University, Martburg, Germany
"MOVPE of III-V device structures using alternative group V precursors"

July 21
Dr. Bernard Jusserand
Concepts and Devices for Photonics Laboratory, CNET/DTD and CNRS/URA250, France
"Raman scattering on electronic excitations in deep etched modulation-doped GaAs quantum wires : the quantum limit situation"

July 28
Prof. Vladimir V. Mitin
Wayne State University, Detroit, USA
"New results on 2D electron interaction with acoustic phonons in hetero-structures"

Sept. 17
Dr. Jens Herfort
Paul-Drude-Institute, Berlin, Germany
"In situ controlled growth of LT-GaAs and its application for mode-locking devices"

Oct. 13
Prof. Ray Ashoori
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
"Imazing quantum Hall liquid and quantum dots"

Oct. 20
Prof. Yshai Avishai
Ben Gurion University, Israel
"Quantum dots with even number of electrons: Kondo effect in a finite magnetic field"
"Quantum Hall plateaus transitions in disordered superconductors"

Oct. 26
Dr. Bruce Alphenaar
Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, UK
"Coherent transport of electron spin in a ferromagnetically contacted carbon nanotube"

Dec. 7
Dr. Peter A. Maksym
University of Leicester, UK
"Moving quantum dots: a quantum standard of electrical current ?"

Jan. 12
Dr. Wang Hailong
Institute of Semiconductor, Chinese Academy of Science, China
"Growth and characterization of self-organized quantum dots"

Feb. 16
Dr. Toru Okamoto
Gakushu-in University
"Metal-insulator transition and spin in Si two-dimensional electorn gas systems"

Feb. 16
Prof. Shinji Kawaji
Gakushu-in University
"Integer quantum Hall effects: collapse of quantized Hall resistance and energy dissipation"

Feb. 17
Mr. Nobuyoshi Sato
Iwate University
"Growth and structure of Ce/Cu and BiSrCaCuO films"

Feb. 18
Dr. David Moore
Cambridge University, UK
"Silicon micromachining for nanoscale devices"

Feb. 28
Prof. Artur Ekert
University of Oxford, UK
"Geometric quantum computation"

March 17
Dr. Patrik Waltereit
Paul-Drude-Institute, Germany
"MBE growth and characterization of group III-nitrides"

lV. Quantum Optics & Optical Materials

May 14
Mr. Motohiro Kumagai
Tokyo Institute of Technology
"Optical-optical double resonaunce spectroscopy by a phase-controlled light source"

July 23 Prof. Christoph Lienau
Max-Born-Institut fur Nichtlineare Optik und Kurzzeitspektroskopie Berlin, Germany
"Picosecond and femtosecond near-field scanning optical microscopy of semiconductor nanostructures"

Aug. 30
Dr. Elizabeth Donley
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
"Comparing single-molecule spectra in crystalline and amorphous hosts at sub-Kelvin temperatures"

Sept. 6
Dr. Gilles Lerondel
Tohoku University
"All-silicon photonics"

Sept. 7
Prof. Yoshihisa Yamamoto & Dr. Fumiko Yamaguchi
Stanford University, USA
"Crystal lattice quantum computer"

Sept. 9
Prof. Lu J. Sham
University of California, San Diego, USA
"Theory of exciton correlation and optical and spin coherence in semiconductor heterostructures"

Sept. 10
Prof. Christos Flytzanis
Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France
"Persistent hole burning and photo-induced spectral changes in rare-earth (Eu or Sm)-doped glasses in room temperature: nonlinear spectroscopic studies and extensions"
"Photo-induced magnetization and polarization rotation in semi-magnetic semiconductor nano-structures and micro-cavities"

Sept. 16
Prof. Lu J. Sham
University of California, San Diego, USA
"Exciton condensation in solids: theory of manifestations in optically excited and in strongly correlated semiconductors"

Feb. 16 Mr. Fumiaki Morikoshi
Hokkaido University
"Recovery of entanglement lost in entanglement manipulation"