NTT Basic Research Laboratories affiliates in the Research and development (R&D) Laboratories, which serves as the strategic center of fundamental R&D in the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) group. Our mission is to generate the seeds of innovative techniques, which may require 10 or 20 years to mature, by developing new principles and concepts. We can contribute to the science and technology community by providing a broad range of new knowledge that will be of future significance to society.
In the NTT Basic Research Laboratories, about 100 researchers are working in the four fields of Device Physics, Materials Science, Quantum Electron Physics, and Quantum Optics and Optical Materials. We aggressively concentrate our resources on select projects in each field to advance our research. Furthermore, to reinforce the function of the Basic Research Laboratories as a center of excellence (COE), we promote positive interchanges with other organizations and are intent on making good use of the various talents from other countries and organizations.
This booklet, "Research Activities in NTT Basic Research Laboratories," is published annually to provide an overview of the research activities of the NTT Basic Research Laboratories. This tenth volume reviews activities that have been conducted during the fiscal year of 1999. We also provide our information over the Internet and you'll find us on the World Wide Web ( I hope this booklet will lead to the exchange of scientific information and promote mutual understanding among all scientists.

August 2000

Dr. Sunao Ishihara

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