Press Release

Publications in 2017

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Publications in 2016

  1. K. Azuma, A. Mizutani and H. K. Lo

    Fundamental rate-loss trade-off for the quantum internet

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  18. Kohtaro Kato, Fabian Furrer, and Mio Murao

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Publications in 2015

  1. A. Mizutani, N. Imoto and K. Tamaki

    Robustness of the round-robin differential-phase-shift quantum-key-distribution protocol against source flaws

    Phys. Rev. A 92, 060303 (2015).

  2. K. Azuma, K. Tamaki and W. J. Munro

    All-photonic intercity quantum key distribution

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    Absorption-based quantum communication with NV centres

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    Fisher information versus signal-to-noise ratio for a split detector

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Publications in 2014

  1. M. Curty, F. H. Xu, W. Cui, C. C. W. Lim, K. Tamaki and H. K. Lo

    Finite-key analysis for measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution

    Nat. Commun. 5, 3732 (2014).

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