The 4th Advisory Board

 The Advisory Board, an external committee whose role is to evaluate the work of NTT Basic Research Laboratories (BRL), met from February 6 - 8, 2007. This was the fourth meeting of the Advisory Board, which was first convened in 2001 to provide an objective evaluation of our research plans and activities to enable us to employ strategic management in a timely manner. On this occasion, we were happy to welcome a new member.
 Over the course of the three days the board made valuable suggestions and comments in relation to our research and management activities. They commented that the research level is generally high on an international scale, and that it is important for us to maintain this top-level research and transmit information about our research achievements to the world. They also raised several issues related to human resources, the research budget and internal and external collaboration. We plan to make improvements based on these valuable suggestions.
 At this meeting we offered both young researchers and NTT executives an opportunity to communicate with the board members. This included a lunch party for young researchers at which they were able to interact with the board members. For the NTT executives, we organized a Japanese style dinner, which provided a good chance to discuss the future management strategy of NTT BRL from an international perspective. The next board meeting will held in eighteen months.

Board members   Affiliations   Research fields
Prof. Abstreiter
Prof. Altshuler
Prof. Haroche
Prof. Jonson
Prof. Leggett
Prof. Mooij
Prof. Ryan
Prof. von Klitzing 
  Walter Shottky
Columbia Univ.
Ecole Normale
Chalmers UT
Univ. Illinois
Delft UT
Univ. Oxford
  Low-dim. physics
Condensed matter
Quantum optics
Condensed matter
Quantum physics
Quantum computer
Nano-bio technology
Semiconductor physics 

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