From Science to Innovative Technology

 We at NTT Basic Research Laboratories (BRL) are extremely grateful for your interest and support with respect to our research activities.

 The missions of BRL are 1) to create new concepts and guiding principles for network and information-processing technologies that will allow us to overcome capacity and security related limitations, and 2) to extend our knowledge of the science and technology that will lead to medium and long-term innovations. We believe that this will both contribute to the success of NTT's business and promote advances in science that will ultimately benefit all mankind. To achieve these goals, we must continuously deliver research output in a timely and well-directed manner. To this end, we adopt a three-tier research theme classification with appropriate management strategies tailored for each:

* High-priority research: Work where speed is critically important and that is generally pursued as strategic projects in collaboration with in-house or outside partners.
* Exploratory research: Exploratory work that is likely to evolve into high-priority research projects.
* Innovative research: Work that goes beyond conventional technology to achieve fundamental and innovative breakthroughs.

 BRL's high-priority research themes are currently focused on quantum information processing and nano-bio research. The former aims at clarifying the nature of electrons and photons, which are the basis for the quantum mechanics of light and matter. The goal is to develop practical applications such as quantum cryptography and quantum computing to overcome capacity and security limitations. By exploiting our expertise in quantum optics, quantum solid-state physics, nano-fabrication, and other key technological areas, BRL has achieved remarkable successes in unraveling the mysteries that lie behind a variety of systems including quantum dots, superconducting devices, and cold atoms. Based on these achievements, we are examining the practical viability of quantum cryptography and quantum computers in collaboration with many research institutes, both in Japan and overseas. The aim of our nano-bio research is to create a new area of science through the fusion of neuroscience, biomolecular science, and nanotechnology. This should enable the realization of novel devices that integrate molecular structures, proteins, and artificial nanostructures.

 As an example of exploratory researches, one project is investigating quantized mechanical motion in nanometer scale structures together with their quantum electronic properties. BRL researchers are also undertaking exploratory work on techniques that will allow us to manipulate nanostructures at will. These techniques include a method for cutting carbon nanotubes at desired points. Researchers working on spintronics are seeking better understanding and control of electron spin states with a view to achieving revolutionary developments.

 Lastly, we are also pursuing highly innovative research that has the groundbreaking potential to overturn conventional technologies in the near future. The great progress made on wide-bandgap semiconductors, single-electron devices, photonic crystals, and carbon thin films convinces us that they will ultimately displace existing technologies.

 To conduct these research activities, BRL is collaborating with many universities and research institutes in Japan, US, Europe, and Asia as well as other NTT laboratories. BRL also regularly organizes international symposia and conferences at NTT Atsugi R&D Center. In February 2007, we hosted the International Conference on Nanoelectronics, Nanostructures and Carrier Interactions, which attracted the participation of more than 140 researchers from around the world. It gives us immense pleasure to fulfill our mission of being an open laboratory in this way, and to disseminate our research output throughout the world.

 This report highlights the main achievements and research activities of NTT Basic Research Laboratories in 2006. We hope that it will help to promote awareness of the work undertaken at NTT BRL, and enhance future collaboration.


Junji Yumoto

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