school has been successfully closed.

3rd NTT-BRL school has been closed on November 4th ,2005.
3rd NTT-BRL school took place here at NTT R&D Center during the period of Oct. 31 to Nov. 4, 2005.
This school had lecture series by prominent professors, lab tour of NTT-BRL and we made an excursion to Mt. Oyama. We hope you will keep a good memory of your stay in Atsugi. Thank you very much for your interest in NTT-BRL.

Group photo Lecture by Prof. Boris Altshuler Lecture by Prof.Yuri Galperin Poster Session
Lab. Tour Lab. Tour 02 Excursion to Mt. Ohyama 01 Excursion to Mt. Ohyama 02
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