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How to get to Atsugi city from Tokyo(Haneda) Int'l Airport

The two easiest ways to get to the Hotel near Hon-Atsugi station from Tokyo(Haneda) Int'l Airport are as follows,

  1. Airport Bus 1,500(JPY) Tokyo(Haneda) Int'l Airport → Hon-Atsugi station
  2. Train

Tokyo International Airport

a.  by Airport Bus

This is the easiest transportation to Atsugi city, however, it only runs about once an hour. The airport bus ticket sales counter is located at the International Terminal, right outside of the arrival gate. There are several bus companies running to various locations. Please make sure you choose the "Keihin Kyuko Bus(Keikyu Bus)" bound for "Tamura Shako and Hon-Atsugi Railway Station" The bus stop No. is 9. The fare is 1,500(JPY) and it usually takes one hour depending on traffic. Keep in mind that there could be a traffic jam in Tokyo during the evening rush hour.

The return bus back to the airport requires a reservation. Please buy the ticket in advance. The ticket counter in Hon-Atsugi station is open from 9:00 to 19:00.

International Terminal
Access Information (Bus stop No.)
Time tables (Buses Connecting with Haneda Airport)

b.  by Train 

The easiest way to come to Hon-Atsugi station by train is to use the transportation as below. Access from Tokyo International(haneda) airpot

  1. Keikyu Line
    The Keikyu Line to Yokohama is about 30 minutes and costs 470(JPY). There are some direct trains bound for "Misaki-guchi" which stops at "Yokohama", but most of the train from Haneda airport are bound for other places, so you need to transfer at "Kamata station" onto the one which goes to "Yokohama". Please note, There are various type of trains on the Keikyu Line, such as Local, Express, Rapid Express, Limited Express, and so on, so it's recommended to ask which is the best to take at the platform or ticket gate.
  2. Sotetsu Line
    From "Yokohama", you have to transfer to Sagami Tetsudo Line called Sotetsu bound for "Ebina".Not all the Sotetsu line will go to "Ebina" so you need to check your destination. All express trains will go to Ebina. It will be about 30 minutes ride and 300(JPY).
  3. Odakyu Line
    From "Ebina", you have to transfer to Odakyu Odawara Line bound for Odawara. It will be about 5 minutes ride and 120(JPY).
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