Poster session


Notice to presenters:


A Poster session is scheduled on March 4th in the lobby of the main Conference hall.

Boards, 180cm wide and 180cm high, will be available for poster presentations.

The title of the paper, the authors and their affiliations should be clearly displayed at the top of the board.

A code number that appears in the conference program identifies the poster boards. Material for fixing

the poster to the board (sticking tape) will be provided. Please set up posters before the session begins

and keep on display for full conference days.



Poster presentation:


P1. M.H.S. Amin, S.N. Rashkeev, M. Coury, A.N. Omelyanchouk, A.M. Zagoskin;

D-Wave Systems Inc., Canada

"Quasiclassical Calculation of Spontaneous Current in Restricted Geometries"


P2. Y. Asano; Hokkaido University, Japan

"DC Josephson Effect in Localization Regime"


P3. Y. Asano and Y. Tanaka; Hokkaido University, Japan

gZero-bias conductance peak in normal-metal/high-Tc superconductor junctionsh


P4. H. Deguchi, K. Koyama, M. Yasunaka, S. Takagi, K. Mizuno;

Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

"Paramagnetic Meissner Effect in Josephson-Coupled Network of YBCO Ceramics"


P5. Y. Enomoto, T. Mitsuda; Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

"Melting of a Vortex Microcluster in a Two-Dimensional Superconducting Island"


P6. E. Paladino, L. Faoro , G. Falci, R. Fazio  Catania University, Italy

"Decoherence due to background charges in Josephson devices"


P7. Z. Gedik, Ö.Bozat; Bilkent University, Turkey

"Thermal and Magnetic Properties of Nanoscopic Superconductors"


P8. Y. Harada, T.Akazaki, H.Tamura, K.Matsuda, T.Kimura, H.Takayanagi ; NTT BRL, Japan

"Observations of Aharanov-Bohm Oscillations in a Quantum Dot Array System"


P10. T.Ishibashi, K, Yonemitsu, K. Inagaki, K. Sato; Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology, Japan

"Crystal Growth of Submicron-size BiSrCaCuO Bridge Structures"


P11. M. Kasuga, S. Kurihara; Waseda University, Japan

"Randomness and Superconductor-Insulator Transition in Two-Dimensional Systems"


P12. S. Kim, K. Lee, T. Ishibashi, B. Friedman; Tokyo Institute Agriculture and Technology, Japan

gPolaronic quasiparticle injection in organic copper (II) phthalocyanine/Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+ƒΒ

tunnel junctionsh


P13. T. Kimura, H. Tamura, K. Kuroki, K. Shiraishi, H. Takayanagi, R. Arita; NTT BRL, Japan

"Design of ‚“uperconductors in quantum dot superlattices"


P14. W. Kuo, C.D. Chen; National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

"Magnetic field-tuned superconductor-insulator transition in one-dimensional arrays of small Josephson junctions"


P15. H.-W. Lee, H.-C. Lee, H. Yi, H.-Y. Choi; Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Korea

"Nonmonotonic temperature- and voltage-dependence of resistance in a superconductor-Luttinger liquid junction"


P16. T. Matsuura, S. Tanda, T. Tsuneta, K. Inagaki, K. Yamaya; Hokkaido University, Japan

"Topological Change of Topological Materials"


P17. M. Muraguchi, T. K. Koiso, Y. Asari, K. Takeda; Waseda University

"Theoretical study on quantum phenomena of an electron wave packet injected into various potential walls"


P18. Y. Nagato, K. Nagai; Hiroshima University, Japan

"Rough Interface Effects on N-S Proximity-contact Systems"


P19. M. Nishida, S. Kurihara, N. Hatakenaka; Waseda University, Japan

"Josephson Effect between Condensates with Different Internal Structures"


P20. S. Ohtsuka, S. Kurihara; Waseda University, Japan

"Quantum Interference of a Damped Free Particle"


P21. K. Sano; Waseda University, Japan

"Point Contact Composed of Superconductor and Peierls Conductor"


P22. Y. Sato; Tohoku University, Japan

"Laser Manipulation of Quantum Wave Packets with Attoseconds Phase Control - Encoding of Molecular Wave Packet Modes -"


P23. Th. Schäepers, V.A. Guzenko, O. Zimmermann; Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

"Carrier injection from superconducting electrodes into a Nb-InGaAs/InP Josephson junction"


P24. S. Shevchenko, Yu.A. Kolesnichenko, A.N. Omelyanchouk;

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine.

"Josephson and spin current in point contacts between triplet superconductors with f-wave pairing"


P25. Y. Shimazu, J.E. Mooij; Yokohama National University, Japan

"Collective measurement of many equivalent three-junction loops"


P26. S. Shirai, H. Tsuchiura, Y. Tanaka, J. Inoue S. Kashiwaya; Nagoya University, Japan

"Temperature dependence of Josephson current on d-wave Josephson junctions"


P27. B. Skrzynski, I.S. Beloborodov, K.B.Efetov; Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

"Superconducting fluctuations in granular metals with a large coupling between the grains"


P28. T. Suzuki, M. Hayashi, H.Imamura, H. Ebisawa; Tohoku University, Japan

"Superconducting Correlation for Orbital Magnetism in Quantum Dots"


P29. Y. Tanuma, K. Kuroki, Y. Tanaka, R. Arita, S. Kashiwaya, H. Aoki; Nagoya University, Japan

"Fermiology effect on the tunneling spectrum of organic superconductors (TMTSF)2-X"


P30. Y. Terai, T. Yakabe, C. Terakura, T. Terashima S. Yasuzuka, T. Takamasu, S. Uji;

National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

"New Vortex States in Mesoscopic Aluminum Structures"


P31. T. Tsuneta; Hokkaido University, Japan

"Formation by spooling mechanism of nƒΞ-twisted loop crystals of NbSe3: a new CDW conductor"


P32. Y. Utsumi, H. Imamura, M. Hayashi, H. Ebisawa; Tohoku University, Japan

"The current and the charge noise of a single-electron transistor at large charge fluctuation out of equilibrium"


P33. A.H. Verbruggen, G.R. Boogaard, W. Belzig, T.M. Klapwijk; TU Delft, The Netherlands

"DC resistance of a nanoscaled superconductor connected to normal leads"


P34. Y. Asari, H. Tamura, K. Takeda; Waseda University, Japan

"Hund's second rule in spherical artificial atoms"


P35. S.W.D. Bailey, S.P.Athanasopoulos, C.J.Lambert ; Lancaster University, UK

"Giant magneto-effects in carbon nanotubes"


P36. K. Fujii, Y. Morikami, T. Ohyama, S. Gozu, S. Yamada; Osaka University, Japan

"Electron Spin-Splitting in Photoexcited InxGa1-xAs/InyAl1-yAs Heterostructures"


P37. A.W. Ghosh, M. Paulsson, S.Datta; Purdue University, USA

"Molecular Conduction: Paradigms and Possibilities "


P38. Y. Hada, M. Eto; Keio University, Japan

"Electronic States and Spin Configurations in Silicon Quantum Dots"


P39. K. Hashimoto, K.Muraki, T.Saku, Y,Hirayama ; NTT BRL, Japan

"Nuclear Spin Polarization by Fractional Quantum Hall States"


P40. T. Hirai, Y. Tanaka, J. Inoue; Nagoya University, Japan

"Proximity effect in ferromagnet/unconventional superconductor junction"


P41. M. Honda, T. Sato, T. Manago, H. Akinaga, K. Ono, S. Tarucha; University of Tokyo, Japan

"Rapid Increase of the Magnetocurrent with Increasing Bias Voltage in a Co/Al2O3/Fe Tunnel Junction Grown on n-GaAs Substrate"


P42. C.-M. Hu, D. Heitmann, C.R. Becker, Y. –S. Gui, B. Zhang, E. Batke, G. Landwehr, L. Molenkamp; Hamburg University, Germany

"Far-infrared magnetoabsorption studies of HgMnTe quantum wells grown on CdZnTe substrate"


P43. D. B. Haviland, M. Urech, V. Korenivski; Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

gMagnetic switching and magneto-resistance in nano-scale spin tunnel junctionsh


P44. I. Kanazawa; Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan

"Localization in the transport in the dilute magnetic semiconductors"


P45. T. Koga, J. Nitta, T. Akazaki, H. Takayanagi; PREST-JST & NTT, Japan

"Rashba spin-orbit coupling probed by the weak antilocalization analysis in

InAlAs/InGaAs/InAlAs quantum wells as a function of quantum well asymmetry"


P46. T. Koga, J. Nitta, S. Datta; PREST-JST & NTT, Japan

"Non-magnetic spin filter based on the Rashba effect in a resonant tunneling structure"


P47. T. Machida, T. Yamazaki, S. Komiyama; University of Tokyo, Japan

"Manipulation and detection of nuclear spin polarization integer quantum Hall edge channels"


P48. T. Ochiai, T. Tsuchiya, S. Yamada; JAIST, Japan

"Tight binding sp3s* model for conduction subband spin-splitting of GaAs/Al0.3Ga0.7As and In0.7Ga0.3As/In0.7Al0.3As superlattices."


P49. A. Oguri; Osaka City University, Japan

"Low and High Voltage Limits of an Anderson Impurity"


P50. H. Oki, H. Akinaga, T. Manago, M. Mizuguchi, M. Yamada, K. Ono, M. Oshima, M. Shirai;

AIST and University of Tokyo, Japan

"Magneto optical study of (Ga,Cr)As diluted magnetic semiconductor"


P51. V. I. Puller, L.G. Mourokh, N.J.M. Horing A.Y. Sumirnov; Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

"Electron Spin Dynamics in Semiconductors without Inversion Symmetry"


P52. Y. Sekine, J. Nitta, T. Koga, A. Oiwa, T. Slupinski, H. Munekata; NTT BRL, Japan

"Parallel transport properties of p-In0.95Mn0.05As/n-InAs junction"


P53. Y.-S. Shin, H-J. Lee, J. Kim; Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea

"Suppression of the Superconductivity by the Spin-Polarized Current Injection through Mesoscopic Ferromagnet / Superconductor Junctions"


P54. M. Shirai, H. Taguchi, H. Akinaga; Osaka University, Japan

"First-principles electronic structure calculations of zinc-blende chromium monopnictides"


P55. K. Tsubaki, N. Maeda. T. Saitoh, N. Kobayashi; NTT BRL, Japan

"Hall Plateau at small magnetic field in AlGaN/GaN heterostructure"


P56. N. Yoshida, H. Itoh, Y. Tanaka, J. Inoue S. Kashiwaya;

Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute, Japan

"Effect of disorder on the spin-polarized tunneling in Ferromagnetic metal /insulator/ d-wave superconductor junctions"


P57. M. Yoshitake, H. Sato, Y. Sato, S. Yamada; JAIST, Japan

"0.5(2e2/h) conductance step appeared in zero-field side-gate point-contact made at

   In0.75Ga0.25As/In0.75Al0.25As heterojunctions under zero-field."


P.58. M. Zareyan, W. Belzig, Yu.V. Nazarov; Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Iran

"Andreev states in clean ferromagnetic layers"


P59. K.Katabuchi, Y.Asano; Hokkaido University, Japan

gJosephson effect between Sr2RuO4h


P60. H.Nakano, H.Takayanagi ; NTT BRL, Japan

gDynamics of flux-qubit measurement by DC-SQUIDh


P61. M.Schechter, Imry, Levinson ; Hebrew University, Israel

gReflectionless tunneling in ballistic NS junctionsh


P62. S.Sasaki, S. Amaha, N. Asakawa, W. Izumida, K. Ono, K. Muraki, S.Tarucha ; NTT BRL, Japan

gThe Kondo effect in vertical quantum dots with orbital degeneracyh