Oral presentation schemes


The time allotted to each oral presentation is :

Invited papers       25 min including 5 min discussion

Contributed papers   20 min including 5 min discussion.


Both overhead projector and LCD projector will be available. Those who wish to use a LCD projector should bring their own computer. In order to escape a trouble, the organizers ask all oral speakers to bring overhead projector sheets even if they will use the LCD projector. To save your presentation time, please start up your computer before your talk if you will use it. 


March 3rd, Sunday

17:00  Registration starts in gRoyal Park Hotel Atsugih

18:00  Welcome Party (in gRoyal Park Hotel Atsugih)


March 4th, Monday

8:00  Bus leaves gRoyal Park Hotel Atsugih for NTT BRL

8:30    Registration starts at NTT BRL



9:00-9:20 Welcome address


SPECIAL SESSION                            Chairman ( A. Barone )

M1. 9:20-10:00          J. Clarke (invited); University of California, Berkeley, USA

gThe DC SQUID: From Traditional Designs to New Ideas for Quantum Measurementh


COFFEE BREAK 10:00-10:30


SMALL JUNCTION                            Chairman ( I. Kulik )

M2. 10:30-10:55@@A.F. Andreev (invited); Kapitza Institute, Russia

gQuantum Coherence between States with Even and Odd Numbers of Electronsh

M3. 10:55-11:20  @C. J. P. M. Harmans (invited); TU Delft, The Netherlands

M4. 11:20-11:45  @P. Delsing (invited); Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

gReading out charge qubits with a radio frequency single electron transistorh

M5. 11:45-12:05  @D. Haviland, M.Watanabe, P.Agren, K.Andersson, V.Schollmann;

Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

gTunable electrodynamic environment and Coulomb blockade with 1D SQUID arrayh  


M6. 12:05-12:25@@H. Shimada, Y. Ohtsuka; University of Tokyo, Japan

gFerromagnetic Single-Electron Pumph


LUNCH (Prepared) 12:25-13:30  


SPINTRONICS I                                   Chairman ( D. Heitmann )

M7. 13:30-13:55  @H. Ohno (invited); Tohoku University, Japan

gManipulation of Ferromagnetism in Semiconductorsh

M8. 13:55-14:20  @F.J. Jedema, H. B. Heersche, A.T. Filip, J.J.A. Baselmans,

B. van Wees (invited); Groningen University, The Netherlands

gSpin injection, spin transport and controlled spin precession in mesoscopic metal spin valve devicesh

M9. 14:20-14:40    K.Xia, P.J Kelly, G. Bauer, I.Turek; TU Delft, The Netherlands

gTransmission Polarization of Ferromagnet/Superconductor Interfacesh

M10. 14:40-15:00   J. Nitta, T. Koga; NTT BRL, Japan

gSpin-orbit Interaction and its Application to Spin Interference Deviceh


COFFEE BREAK  15:00-15:20

                                              Chairman ( B.van. Wees )

M11. 15:20-15:40   P. E. Lindelof , S.E.Andresen, J.C.Hollingbery, G.R.Kofod, S.Pedersen;

 Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

gMesoscopic Semiconductors in the Near Field of a Superconducting Quantum Interference Ring or a Superconducting Microbridgeh

M12. 15:40-16:00   H. Tamura, K.Shiraishi, T.Kimura, H.Takayanagi ; NTT BRL, Japan

gMaterial design in quantum dot superlatticesh

M13. 16:00-16:20   H.Itoh, N.Kitaura, N.Yoshida, Y.Tanaka, J.Inoue, S.Kashiwaya;

Nagoya University, Japan

gEffect of randomness on zero-bias conductance peak in disordered normal metal / d-wave superconductor junctionh

M14. 16:20-16:40   O. Kronenwerth, D.Grundler, C.H.Moller, Ch.Heyn, D.Heitmann;

Hamburg University, Germany

gExtraordinary Magnetoresistance Effect in CEO-fabricated Metal Films on InAs-Heterostructuresh

M15. 16:40-17:00   B. Nikolic, J.K.Freericks; Georgetown University, USA

gMesoscopic Spintronics: Fluctuation and Localization Effects in Spin-polarized Quantum Transporth


Short Lab. Tour 17:00-18:00


POSTER SESSION    18:00- 20:00



March 5th, Tuesday


QUANTUM COHERENCE                      Chairman ( H. Takayanagi )           

T1. 9:00-9:25       I. Kulik (invited); Bilkent University,Turkey

gQuantum Computation with Aharonov-Bohm and Berry Phase Qubitsh

T2. 9:25-9:50       B. Altshuler (invited); Princeton University, USA

T3. 9:50-10:10      W.Rabaud, L.Saminadayar, D.Mailly, C. Bäuerle, K.Hasselbach;


gPersistent Currents in multiply connected ringsh

T4. 10:10-10:30      M. Schechter, Y.Imry, Y.Levinson, Y.Oreg; Hebrew University, Israel

gPersistent currents and superconductivity in small metallic grains - the role of the high energy eigenstatesh                         


COFFEE BREAK 10:30-11:00



T5. 11:00-11:25      A. Barone (invited), G.Pepe, G.Peluso;University of Napoli Federico‡U, Italy

gSome highlights and trends in the field of superconducting junction radiation detectorsh

T6. 11:25-11:50       V. Petrashov (invited); University of London, UK

gHybrid Superconductor/Normal Metal Mesoscopic Structures: Some Unanswered Questionsh

T7. 11:50-12:10       W. Belzig, J.Borlin, C.Bruder, Yu.V.Nazarov; Basel University, Switzerland

gShot Noise and Proximity Effect in SN-Heterostructuresh

T8. 12:10-12:30     F. Taddei, R.Fazio; ISI Foundation, Italy

gPositive cross-correlations induced by spin-polarized currents in hybrid structuresh


LUNCH (Prepared) 12:30-13:30


ANDREEV REFLECTION                          Chairman ( A. Furusaki )

T9. 13:30-13:55      I.Adagideli, C. Beenakker (invited); Leiden University, The Netherlands

gExcitation gap of an Andreev billiardh

T10. 13:55-14:20    B. Pannetier (invited), P.Dubos, H.Courtois, O.Buisson; CNRS, France

gCoherent Transport in Mesoscopic SNS Junctionsh

T11. 14:20-14:40     F. Giazotto, P.Pingue, F.Beltram;

 gde Gennes-Saint James Resonant Transport in Nb/GaAs/AlGaAs/GaAs     Heterostructuresh

T12. 14:40-15:00    H.Kashiwaya, S.Kashiwaya, A.Sawa, I.Kurosawa, Y.Tanaka;

NRI of AIST and CREST of JST, Japan

gAnomalous magnetic field response of LSMO/YBCO junctionsh


COFFEE BREAK 15:00-15:30


SUPER/FERRO HYBRID STRUCTURE            Chairman ( J. Nitta )

T13. 15:30-15:55   G.Falci(invited), R.Fazio, A.Mastellone; 

NEST-INFM and Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

gInterplay between pairing and exchange in small grainsh

T14. 15:55-16:20   C. Lambert (invited); Lancaster University, UK

gSpin-polarised transport in hybrid ferromagnetic-superconducting nanostructuresh

T15. 16:20-16:40   N.M.Chtchelkatchev, W.Belzig, Yu.V.Nazarov, C.Bruder ;  

Basel University, Switzerland

gƒÎ-0 Transition in Superconductor-Ferromagnet-Superconductor Junctionsh

T16. 16:40-17:00   C.D.Chen, W.Kuo, J.H.Shyu, C.S.Wu; Academia Sinica, Taiwan

gSuppression of superconductivity by spin imbalance in ferromagnetic/superconductor single electron transistorsh

T17. 17:00-17:20   A.Golubov, M.Kupriyanov, Ya.Fominov; 

University of Twente, The Netherlands

gMechanisms of 0-ƒÎtransition and current-phase relationship in SFS Josephson junctionsh

T18. 17:20-17:40   F. S. Bergeret, A.Volkov, K.Efetov ; Ruhr-University, Germany

gProximity effect in superconductor-ferromagnet structures with a nonhomogeneous magnetizationh


BANQUET 18:30 gRoyal Park Hotel Atsugih



March 6th, Wednesday


SPIN INJECTION I                            Chairman ( J.B. Hansen )

W1. 9:00-9:25           E. Rashba (invited); Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), USA

gTheory of Spin Injectionh

W2. 9:25-9:50       J. Herfort (invited), H.Schönherr, M.Ramsteiner, H.Zhu, K.Ploog ;

Paul Drude Institute, Germany

gGrowth and properties of Fe/GaAs heterostructures for tunneling-assisted spin injection at room temperatureh

W3. 9:50-10:10        A.Oiwa, R.Moriya, Y.Mitsumori, T.Slupinski, H.Munekata;

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

gMagnetization reversal by optical spin injection and its memorization effect in ferromagnetic (Ga,Mn)As thin filmsh

W4. 10:10-10:30   K.Yoh, H.Ohno, Y.Katano, K.Sueoka, K.Mukasa; Hokkaido University, Japan

gDirect spin injection from a ferromagnetic metal into a semiconductor through Fe/InAs junctionh


COFFEE BREAK 10:30-11:00


SPIN INJECTION II                           Chairman ( E. Rashba )

W5. 11:00-11:25        D.Weiss (invited); Regensburg University, Germany

gSuperconductor-semiconductor and ferromangnet-semiconductor nanostructuresh

W6. 11:25-11:45        M.Kohda, Y.Ohno, K.Takamura, F.Matsukura, H.Ohno;

Tohoku University, Japan

gElectrical electron spin injection with (Ga,Mn)As/n+-GaAs tunnel junctionh

W7. 11:45-12:05    I.Bergenti, V.Dediu, M.Murgia, G.Ruani, C.Taliani, S.Barbanera ;

ISM, CNR, Italy

gEfficient spin polarized injection from CMR manganite into organic semiconductorh

W8. 12:05-12:25        A. Jensen, J.Nygard, J.Borggreen; University of Copenhagen , Denmark

gSpin Transport in Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes with Ferromagnetic Electrodesh



LUNCH (Prepared) 12:25-13:30


QUANTUM DOT                              Chairman ( M. Ueda )

W9. 13:30-13:55      L.Glazman (invited); University of Minnesota, USA

gElectron Energy Relaxation in the Presence of Magnetic Impuritiesh



W10. 13:55-14:20   S. Tarucha (invited); University of Tokyo, Japan

gSpin-related interactions in semiconductor quantum dotsh


W11. 14:20-14:40   A. Takeuchi, T.Kuroda; Waseda University, Japan

gAntiferromagnetic coupling between semiconductor quantum dotsh

W12. 14:40-15:00   K. Kusakabe, Y.Tanaka; Niigata Universiy, Japan

gNumerical Analysis of Correlation Effects in the Josephson Current through a Quantum Doth

W13. 15:00-15:20   K. Kang, S.Young Cho; ETRI, South Korea

gKondo Effect and Dephasing in a Hybrid Quantum Dot-Ring Coupled to a Reservoirh


COFFEE BREAK 15:20-15:50


QUANTUM COHERENCE and Q-BIT@@@@@@Chairman ( P. Delsing )

W14. 15:50-16:15   D.Averin (invited); State University of New York, USA

gQuantum nondemolition measurements of a qubith

W15. 16:15-16:40   A.Shnirman (invited),Y.Makhlin, G.Schön; Karlsruhe University, Germany

gDephasing and measurements of Josephson qubitsh

W16. 16:40-17:05   T. Martin (invited); Mediterranee University, France

gElectronic entanglement near a superconductor: Bell inequalities and teleportationh

W17. 17:05-17:30   R. Schoelkopf (invited); Yale University, USA

gMeasuring Quantum Coherence in the Single Cooper-Pair Boxh

W18. 17:30-17:50   H.Tanaka, Y.Sekine, S.Saito, H.Takayanagi ; NTT BRL, Japan

gDC-SQUID Readout for Qubith