Poster session

Notice to presenters;
Poster session is scheduled on Feburary 27th in the presentation room and on 28th in the lobby of the main Conference hall.
Boards, 180cm wide and 180cm high, will be available for poster presentation.
The title of the paper, the authors and their affiliations should be clearly displayed at the top of the board. A code number that appears in the conference program identifies the poster boards. Material for fixing the poster to the board (sticking tape) will be provided. Please set up posters before the session begins and keep on display for full conference days.

Poster Presentation;

February 27th, Monday < 18:00-20:00 >

PMo-1. S.N. Shevchenko, A.N. Omelyanchouk ;Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engeneering, Ukraine
  "Theory of the multiphoton excitations of the interferometer-type charge qubit"
PMo-2. M. Borhani, V.N. Golovach, D. Loss; University of Basel, Switzerland
  "Spin Decay in a Quantum Dot Coupled to a Quantum Point Contact"
PMo-3. S. Savel'ev, X. Hu, A. Kasumov, F. Nori; RIKEN, Japan and Loughborough University, U.K.
  "Quantum electromechanics: Quantum tunneling near resonance and qubits from buckling nanobars"
PMo-4. S. Amaha, T. Hatano, S. Sasaki, T. Kubo, Y. Tokura; ICORP-JST, Japan
  "Manipulation of Kondo Effect by tuning orbital degeneracy"
PMo-5. Z.H. Peng, M.J. Zhang, S. Li, and D.N. Zheng; Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  "Detection of geometric phases in flux qubits with coherent pulses"
PMo-6. T. Kubo, Y. Tokura, T. Hatano, S. Tarucha; ICORP-JST, Japan
  "Quantum Phase Coherence through Aharonov-Bohm Interferometer Containing Laterally Coupled Double Quantum Dots"
PMo-7. T. Ono, S. Suga; Osaka University, Japan
  "Fano Kondo Effects in Conductance through an Aharonov-Bohm ring with a Quantum Dot"
PMo-8. K. Tsuboi, K. Utsunomiya, T. Kubota, Y. Terao, Y. Ikebuchi, R. Yagi; ADSM, Hiroshima University, Japan
  "Energy Distribution of Quasi-Particle Charge Density in Mesoscopic Superconducting Wires"
PMo-9. Y. Tanaka, N. Kawakami; Osaka University, Japan
  "Transport through Double-Dots coupled to normal and superconducting leads"
PMo-10. Y. Rikitake, H. Imamura, H. Kosaka; CREST-JST, Japan
  "Simulation of the photon-spin quantum state transfer process"
PMo-11. M. Takigawa, Y. Asano, M. Ichioka, Y. Tanaka; Hokkaido University, Japan
  "Little-Parks Oscillation in Superconductor with a Hole"
PMo-12. K. Konno, M. Nishida, S. Tanda, N. Hatakenaka; Hokkaido University, Japan
  "Quantum Resonance above a Barrier in the Presence of Dissipation"
PMo-13. K.-J. Friedland, A. Vorobfev, H. Kostial, U. Jahn, E. Wiebicke, R. Hey, Ju. Yukecheva,V.Prinz; Paul-Drude-Institute, Germany
  "Ballistic transport in two-dimensional GaAs electron gases on cylindrical surfaces"
PMo-14. K. Grove-Rasmussen, H.I. Jorgensen and P.E. Lindelof; Nano-Science Center, Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark
  "Single wall carbon nanotube weak links"
PMo-15. F. Giazotto, F. Taddei, R. Fazio, F. Beltram; NEST CNR-INFM and Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy
  "Crossed Andreev reflection-induced giant negative magnetoresistance"
PMo-16. M. Governale, F. Taddei, R. Fazio, F.W.J. Hekking; NEST CNR-INFM and Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy
  "Adiabatic Pumping through a Josephson Weak Link"
PMo-17. W. Kuo, C.D. Chenm; National Chung Hsing Uinversity, Taiwan
  "Parity effect with superconducting island in a strong dissipative environment"
PMo-18. A.S. Kiyko, S.N. Shevchenko, A.N. Omelyanchouk; Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, Ukraine
  "Probing entanglement in the system of coupled Josephson qubits"
PMo-19. Y. Tanuma, Y. Tanaka, S. Kashiwaya; Kanagawa University, Japan
  "Theoretical study of synergic effect between proximity effect and Andreev interface resonant states in triplet p-wave superconductors"
PMo-20. T. Miyawaki, K. Toyoda, M. Kohda, A. Fujita, J. Nitta; Tohoku University, Japan
  "Effect of the array distance on the magnetization configuration of submicron-sized
ferromagnetic rings"
PMo-21. T. Yokoyama, Y. Tanaka; Nagoya University, Japan
  "Spin-polarized heat transport in ferromagnet / unconventional superconductor junctions"
PMo-22. T. Yokoyama, Y. Tanaka, A. Golubov, Y. Asano; Nagoya University, Japan
  "Influence of magnetic impurities on Josephson current in SNS junctions"
PMo-23. T. Yokoyama, Y. Tanaka, A. Golubov, Y. Asano; Nagoya University, Japan
  "Theory of Josephson effect in diffusive d-wave junctions"
PMo-24. D. Matsubayashi, M. Eto, H. Imai; University of Tokyo, Japan
  "Kondo effect in quantum dots coupled with noncollinear ferromagnetic leads"
PMo-26. S. Nomura, M. Yamaguchi, T. Akazaki, K. Miyakoshi, H.Tamura, H. Takayanagi, Y. Hirayama; University of Tsukuba, NTT BRL and CREST-JST, Japan
  "Density dependent electron effective mass in a back-gated quantum well"
PMo-27. S. Kettemann, E. Mucciolo; Hamburg University, Germany
  "Free Magnetic Moments in Disordered Conductors"
PMo-28. I. Kanazawa; Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan
  "The supersymmetric sigma formula and metal-insulator transition in diluted magnetic semiconductors"
PMo-29. M. Kawamura, K. Kono; RIKEN, Japan
  "Variation of Coulomb Blockade Oscillation in Single-electron Transistors with Molecular Tunnel Barriers"
PMo-30. S. Yabuuchi, E. Ohta, H. Kageshima; Keio University, Japan
  "Strain effects on Mn in Si : First-principles study"
PMo-31. S. Fujimoto, Y. Natsume; Chiba University, Japan
  "Fano resonance and its breakdown in AB ring embedded with a molecule"
PMo-32. S. Ashhab, J.R. Johansson, F. Nori; RIKEN, Japan
  "Decoherence dynamics of a qubit coupled to a quantum"
PMo-34. I. Shigeta, T. Yokoyama, Y. Asano, F. Ichikawa, Y. Tanaka; Kumamoto National College of Technology, Japan
  "Threshold Temperatures of Zero-Bias Conductance Peak and Zero-Bias Conductance
Dip in Diffusive Normal Metal / Superconductor Junctions"
PMo-35. K. Furuta, H. Muratani; R&D Center, Toshiba Corporation, Japan
  "Analyzing the effectiveness of the quantum repeater"
PMo-36. N. Yokoshi, S. Kurihara; Waseda University, Japan
  "AC Josephson effect and current noise through Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid"
PMo-37. T. Kita, R. Sakano, T. Ohashi, S. Suga; Osaka University, Japan
  "Non-Crosing Approximation Study of Multi-Orbital Kondo Effect in Quantum Dot Systems"
PMo-38. A. Fedorov, Y.V. Pershin, C. Piermarocchi; Michigan State University, USA
  "Spin-photovoltaic effect in quantum wires"
PMo-39. M.Yamaguchi, S.Nomura, K.Miyakoshi, H.Tamura, T.Akazaki, T.Maruyama, S.Miyashita, Y.Hirayama, H.Takayanagi; NTT BRL and CREST-JST, Japan
  "Photoluminescence measurements on a GaAs quantum well in a modulated potential with a squared lattice structure"
PMo-40. K. Kakuyanagi, S. Saito, K. Semba, H. Takayanagi; NTT BRL and CREST-JST, Japan
  "Coherence time of a superconducting flux qubit near the degeneracy point"
PMo-41. X. Hu, C.Deng; University at Buffalo, SUNY, USA
  "Electron spin decoherence in semiconductor quantum dots through hyperfine interaction with nuclei "
PMo-42. K. Shinokawa, Franco Nori;RIKEN, Japan and University of Maryland, USA
  "Squeezing of Superconducting Qubits "
PMo-43. H. Kashiwaya, T.Matsumoto, H. Shibata, H. Eisaki, S. Kawabata, S. Kashiwaya, Y. Tanaka; AIST, Japan
  "Macroscopic quantum tunneling and nonequilibrium effect in Bi2212 intrinsic junction"

February 28th, Tuesday < 18:00-20:00 >

PTu-1. T. Yokoyama, Y. Tanaka, J. Inoue; Nagoya University, Japan
  "Tunneling conductance in 2DEG/S junctions in the presence of Rashba spin-orbit coupling"
PTu-2. T. Yokoyama, Y. Tanaka, A. Golubov; Nagoya University, Japan
  "Theory of charge transport in diffusive ferromagnet/ p-wave superconductor junctions"
PTu-3. T. Yokoyama, Y. Tanaka, A. Golubov; Nagoya University, Japan
  "Theory of enhanced proximity effect by the exchange field in FS bilayers"
PTu-4. T. Hata, S. Onari, Y. Tanaka, S. Kashiwaya; Nagoya University, Japan
  "Quasiparticle density of states in high Tc superconductor in the superconducting state"
PTu-5. D. Goto, M. Eto; Keio University, Japan
  "Theoretical study of electronic states and spin operation in coupled quantum dots"
PTu-6. Yu-xi Liu, L.F. Wei, F. Nori; RIKEN, Japan
  "Superconducting qubits can be coupled and addressed as trapped ions"
PTu-7. A.O. Niskanen, Y. Nakamura, F. Yoshihara, K. Harrabi, J.S Tsai; CREST-JST, Japan and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland
  "Tunable coupling scheme for flux qubits at the optimal point"
PTu-8. R.V. Meter, K.M. Itoh, T.D. Ladd; Keio University, Japan
  "Architecture-Dependent Execution Time of Shor's Algorithm"
PTu-9. K. Inagaki, S. Tanda; Hokkaido University, Japan
  "Studies of nanoscale charge-density-wave systems: fabrication technique and transport phenomena"
PTu-10. L.F. Wei, Yu-xi Liu, M.J. Markus, F. Nori; RIKEN, Japan
  "Dynamical decoupling in fixed-coupling superconducting circuits"
PTu-11. I. Mahboob, H. Okamoto, M. Ueki, H. Yamaguchi; NTT BRL, Japan
  "Magnetopiezoresistance in a quasi-1D channel on a suspended InAs/AlGaSb nanomechanical beam"
PTu-12. F. Yoshihara, K. Harrabi, Y. Nakamura, J. Tsai; RIKEN, Japan
  "Decoherence and noise sources in Flux Qubit"
PTu-13. J. Martinek, M. Braun, J. König; Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland, Tohoku University, Japan and Universitat Karlsruhe, Germany
  "Manipulating single spins in quantum dots spin valves"
PTu-14. J. Vartiainen, M. Möttönen, A. Kemppinen, J. Pekola; Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
  "Cooper pair pumping in SQUID arrays"
PTu-15. R. Sakano, N. Kawakami; Osaka university, Japan
  "Kondo-assisted transport through a multi-orbital quantum dot"
PTu-16. Y. Shimazu, T. Niizeki; Yokohama National University and CREST-JST, Japan
  "Characteristics of a switchable superconducting flux transformer using a DC-SQUID"
PTu-17. Y Utsumi, D S. Golubev, G. Schon; RIKEN, Japan and Universität Karlsruhe, Germany
  "Full Counting Statistics for a Single-Electron Transistor, Nonequilibrium Effects at Intermediate Conductance"
PTu-18. A. Jensen, M. Utko, P.E. Lindelof, T. Takashina, Y. Hirayama; University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  "A GaAs/GaAlAs Quantum Well Containing Two Dimensional Electron and Hole Gas"
PTu-19. H. Hashiba, V. Antonov, L. Kulik, A. Tzalenchuk, P. Kleinschmidt, S. Giblin, S. Komiyama; Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
  "Quantum Dot as a Sensitive Terahertz Detector"
PTu-20. Z. Gedik; Sabanci University, Turkey
  "Decoherence of Entanglement and Quantum Zeno Effect in Spin Environment"
PTu-21. F. Mallet, F. Schopfer, D. Mailly, C. Texier, G. Montambaux, C. Bäuerle, L. Saminadayar; CRTBT-CNRS, Grenoble, France
  "Dimensional crossover in quantum networks: from macroscopic to mesoscopic physics"
PTu-22. D. Bulaev, D. Loss; University of Basel, Switzerland
  "Hole Spin Relaxation and Decoherence in Quantum Dots"
PTu-23. H. Bluhm, N.C. Koshnick, M.E.. Huber, K.A. Moler; Stanford University, USA
  "Anomalous magnetic response of mesoscopic Al rings"
PTu-24. N.C. Koshnick, H. Bluhm, M.E. Huber, K.A. Moler; Stanford University, USA
  "Fluctuation Diamagnetism in Individual Mesoscopic Aluminum Rings"
PTu-25. A. A. Abdumalikov, M. V. Fistul, V. V. Kurin, C. Helm, A. De Col, Y. Koval, A.V. Ustinov; Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg,Germany
  "Nonlocal vortices and plasma waves in long Josephson nano-junctions"
PTu-26. K. Saito, M. Wubs, S. Kohler, Y. Kayanuma, P. Hänggi; University of Tokyo, Japan
  "Nonadiabatic tunneling of qubit in the circuit quantum electrodynamics"
PTu-27. K. Iwata, M. Morino, M. Suzuki, Z.F. Ezawa, A. Fukuda, A. Sawada, N. Kumada, Y. Hirayama; Kyoto University, Japan
  "Anisotropic Behavior of Hysteresis Induced by the In-plane Field in the v = 2/3 Quantum Hall State"
PTu-28. H. Miyazaki, Y. Takahide, A. Kanda, Y. Ootuka; University of Tsukuba, Japan
  "Aluminum atomic point contact --- Microscopic characterization and the determination of current-phase relation"
PTu-29. F. Deppe, S. Saito, K. Kakuyanagi, T. Meno, K. Semba, H. Takayanagi, R. Gross; NTT BRL, Japan, Walther-Meissner-Institut, Germany and CREST JST, Japan
  "Flux Qubit Readout Using a Switching dc SQUID: Resistive vs. Capacitive Bias"
PTu-30. H. Obuse; RIKEN, Japan
  "Statistics of Large Fluctuations of Wave Functions in Disordered Quantum Dots with Spin-Orbital Interactions"
PTu-31. K. Ono, N. Ko, S. Toyokawa, K. Kono, H. Kosaka; RIKEN and CREST-JST, Japan
  "Photo-transport properties of zero-g-factor quantum well devices"
PTu-32. M. Asano; Tokyo University of Science, Japan
  "Simple Quantum Circuit Simulating Specific Toffoli gate"
PTu-33. K. Uchida, H. Kageshima, H. Inokawa, S. Ohno, S. Yabuuchi, H. Maki, T. Sato; NTT BRL, Japan
  "Modulated Ferromagnetism of the Pd Thin Film by Electric Field --- A First-Principles Prediction ---"
PTu-34. A. A. Abdumalikov, M. V. Fistul, A. V. Ustinov; Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
  "Thermally induced injection of vortices in narrow long Josephson junctions"
PTu-35. A. Ueda, M. Eto; Keio University, Japan
  "Nonequilibrium transport in Aharonov-Bohm interferometer with electron-phonon interaction"
PTu-36. A. Fukuda, S. Kozumi, D. Terasawa, Y. Shimoda, N. Kumada, Y. Hirayama, Z.F. Ezawa, A. Sawada; Kyoto University, Japan
  "Phase Diagram of the v = 2 Bilayer Quantum Hall State"
PTu-37. H. Yamaguchi, H. Okamoto, Y. Maruta, S. Ishihara, S. Miyashita, Y. Hirayama; NTT BRL and Tohoku University, Japan
  "Micromechanical Cantilever Integrating Two-dimensional Electron Systems"
PTu-38. H. Nakano, K. Semba, H. Takayanagi; NTT BRL and CREST-JST, Japan
  "Inductive Readout of Superconducting Flux-qubit with Nonlinearly-coupled Resonator"
PTu-39. A. Kasper, T. Mukai, F. Shimizu; NTT BRL and CREST-JST, Japan
  "Coherent matter wave in the vicinity of an ultra-cold surface"
PTu-40. M. D. Kim; Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Korea
  "Phase-Coupled Flux Qubits: CNOT Operation, Switching and Entanglement "
PTu-41. S. Nomura, T. Iitaka; University of Tsukuba, NTT BRL and RIKEN, Japan
  "Chebyshev polynomial expansion method for calculating electronic states in n-type GaAs quantum dots "
PTu-42. T. Yamaguchi, T. Konoike, K. Enomoto, M. Nishimura, T. Terashima, S. Uji, H. M. Ymamoto; RIKEN, Japan
  "Spin-Related Magnetoconductance in Layered Organic Crystals"