Invited Speakers and Tentative Titles

 Lars Samuelson (Lund University)
"Semiconductor nanowires: novel applications in transport, optics and nanomechanics"
 Eli Yablonovitch(UCLA)
"Architecture for a Shor Factorization Engine Based on Semiconductor Spins"
 Robert M. Westervelt (Harvard Univ.)
"Imaging Electrons in Nanoscale Devices"

Confirmed invited speakers:
 David Guy Austing (NRC)
"Magnetic field induced resonance and hysteresis effects in the current flowing through weakly coupled vertical quantum dots at high source-drain bias"
   Chandrasekhar Ramanathan (MIT)
    "Coherent control of nuclear spins via the hyperfine interaction"
   Stefan Fölsch (PDI, Germany)
    "Confinement in metal nanostructures assembled from native and foreign adatoms"
   Christian Glattli (ENS Paris/CEA Saclay)
    "The Quantum RC circuit: charge relaxation resistance and time-resolved single charge injection"
   Xiu-Feng Han (IOP, Chinese Academy of Science)
    "A novel method to probe spin-flip scattering and spin-flip length in nanoscale layers of magnetic tunnel junctions"
   Sergey Kravchenko (Northeastern Univ., Boston)
    "Interplay of Disorder and Interactions in Two Dimensions"
   Renaud Leturcq (ETH Zurich)
    "Spin-dependent transport in double quantum dots realized in InAs nanowires"
   Tomoki Machida (Tokyo Univ.)
    "Nuclear spin control in quantum Hall systems"
   C.M. Marcus (Harvard University)
    "The Dynamic Nuclear Environment in GaAs Quantum Dots"
   Hiroo Munekata (Tokyo tech.)
    "Light and Spins in III-V Magnetic Alloy Semiconductors"
   Stefan Oberholzer (Institute of Physics, Basel)
    "Electronic correlation measurements in quantum nano-structures"
   James Stotz (Queen's University)
    "Coherent spin transport and manipulation in moving quantum dots"
   Ken Uchida (Toshiba)
    "Physics and Engineering of Nanoscale Silicon Field-Effect Transistors"
   Herre van der Zant (TU Delft)
    "Transport coupled to vibrational modes in suspended carbon nanotubes"