03/04/1 Dr. Takeshi Kutsuwa joined the group.
03/08/08 Dr. Hughes joined the group.
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Jun.-Aug. 1997 Prof. Shun Lien Chuang (U. of Illinois)
Jan.-Mar. 2002 Dr. Paulo V. Santos (Paul-Drude-Institut)
 With the purpose of realizing a new generation of optical devices that will bring about a revolution in optical information/transmission technology, we propose new device operating principles to overcome current limits. We study the optical physics in III-nitride semiconductors and low dimensional structures in which new optical physics and functionality is expected. With this knowledge, we will demonstrate new device operating principles.
Saitoh, Tadashi (Group Leader)
Sogawa, Tetsuomi
Kamada, Hidehiko
Gotoh, Hideki
Tawara, Takehiko
Hughes, Stephen
Kutsuwa, Takeshi
Optical Device Physics Group
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