Former Members (inside NTT BRL)
H. Tamura Now at Quantum Optical State Control Research Group
H. Yamaguchi Now at Nanostructure Technology Research Group
Kenichi Hitachi Now at Quantum Optical Physics Research Group
Former Members (outside NTT)
Yukio Takahashi
Kyoichi Suzuki Now at Fukuoka Institute of Technology
Francois Couedo Now at ESPCI
Trevor David Rhone Now at Harvard University
Takashi Kobayashi Now at The University of New South Wales
Lars Tiemann Now at ETH
Gerardo Gamez Now at Bell Laboratories
K. Grove-Rasmussen Now at Copenhagen University
K. Takashina Now at University of Bath
T. Fujisawa Now at Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hongwu Liu Now at Tohoku University
Paula Giudici Now at Regenburg University
V. Renard Now at Grenoble University
Y. Hirayama Now at Tohoku University
A. Taguchi
G. Yusa Now at Tohoku University
L. Houlet Now at ATR laboratory, Keihanna
Y. Tokura Now at University of Tsukuba
T. Saku Retired from NTT-AT
K. Hashimoto Now at Tohoku University
T. Itakura Now at Kyoto University
K. Tsubaki Now at Toyo University
D.G. Austing Now at National Research Council of Canada
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