Theoretical Quantum Physics Research Group

NTT Basic Research Laboratories is located at 3-1, Morinosato Wakamiya Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa 243-0198 Japan. Click below for directions provided by Google.

To plan your journey there from anywhere in Japan, one can also use hyperdia or jorudan services.

Buses from Aiko-Ishida Station 愛甲石田駅

The nearest train station is at Aiko Ishida, a stop on the Odakyu line, which runs from Shinjuku station through Kanagawa prefecture to the south west.

Catch a bus from here to get to NTT BRL. When exiting the station, turn left after the ticket barriers

and then turn right down some steps:

Buses #17, #18, #19 and #21 all go to NTT (click each number for the timetable). The North Exit Bus Stop #4 looks like this:

Ride the bus for about 20 minutes: after about 10 minutes you will pass some rice fields and a large baseball stadium on your left.

As the bus begins to climb for the first time, look out for this sign at a crossroads, pointing to Nanasawa Nature Center / Central Atsugi.

where the bus will make its first right turn at traffic lights. After this junction, the road isslightly inclined and very neatly lined with trees: you should press the bell. The next stop will be the one for NTT BRL, and is called "Tsushin Kenkyujo-Mae"

Someone will meet you at the front gate, which looks like this

To return to Aiko Ishida, take the bus from the stop on the other side of the road.

Getting to the Odakyu line

If arriving at Narita airport, it is simpler to catch a coach to Hon-Atsugi than to brave the busy train station of Shinjuku in Tokyo.

There is an airport bus ticket countera at both Terminal 1 and 2, right outside of the immigration exit. There are several bus companies running to various directions. Make sure you choose the bus bound for Hon-Atsugi 本厚木. The fare is 3,500 yen/one-way and there is a discount fare for round-trip. It usually takes two and a half hours depending on traffic. Keep in mind that there could be enormous traffic jam in Tokyo during evening rush hour. The return journey by bus to the airport must be reserved in advance. The ticket center in Hon-Atsugi is open from 9:00 to 19:00.

From Hon-Atsugi, take the Odakyu line for one stop to arrive at Aiko Ishida, and follow the instructions above to catch the bus.