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Publications in 2006

K. Nishiguchi, A. Fujiwara, Y. Ono, H. Inokawa, and Y. Takahashi
"Room-temperature-operating data processing circuit based on single-electron transfer and detection with metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor technology "
Appl. Phys. Lett. 88, 183101 (2006) [abstract]
A. Fujiwara, H. Inokawa, K. Yamazaki, H. Namatsu, Y. Takahashi, N. M. Zimmerman, and S. B. Martin
"Single electron tunneling transistor with tunable barriers using silicon nanowire metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor"
Appl. Phys. Lett. 88, 053121 (2006) [abstract]
N. M. Zimmerman, A. Fujiwara, H. Inokawa, and Y. Takahashi
"Electrostatically gated Si devices: Coulomb blockade and barrier capacitance"
Appl. Phys. Lett. 89, 052102 (2006) [abstract]
N. M. Zimmerman, B. J. Simonds, A. Fujiwara, Y. Ono, Y. Takahashi, and H. Inokawa
"Charge offset stability in tunable-barrier Si single-electron transistor"
Appl. Phys. Let 90, 033507 (2006) [abstract]
A. Taguchi, H. Kageshima, and K. Wada
"Theoretical study of vacancy supersaturation during silicon crystal growth and nitrogen doping effects"
Physica B 376-377, 130-132 (2006) [abstract]
H. Kageshima, M. Uematsu, K. Akagi, S. Tsuneyuki, T. Akiyama, and K. Shiraishi
"Mechanism of oxide deformation during silicon thermal oxidation"
Physica B 376-377, 407-410 (2006) [abstract]
HS. Yabuuchi, E. Ohta, H. Kageshima, and A. Taguchi
"First-principles study of strain effects on Mn in Si"

Physica B 376-377, 672-676 (2006)
M. Uematsu, H. Kageshima, S. Fukatsu, K. M. Itoh, K. Shiraishi, M. Ohtani and A. Oshiyama
"Enhanced Si and B Diffusion in Semiconductor-Grade SiO2 and the Effect of Strain on Diffusion"

Thin Solid Films 508, 270-275 (2006)
T. Akiyama, K. Kawamoto, H. Kageshima, M. Uematsu, K. Nakamura and T. Ito
"A First-principles Study of O2 Diffusion in Compressively Strained High-Density Silicon Oxides"
Thin Solid Films 508, 311-314 (2006) [abstract]
H. Kageshima, M. Uematsu, K. Akagi, S. Tsuneyuki, T. Akiyama, and K. Shiraishi
"Theoretical Study on Atomic Structures of Thermally Grown Silicon Oxide/Silicon Interfaces"

e-J. Surf. Sci. Nanotech. 4, 584-587 (2006)
K. Uchida, H. Kageshima, and H. Inokawa
"Quantum Effects in the Capacitance between a Pair of Thin and Slightly Separated SrTiO3 Slabs ― A First-principles Study ―"

Phys. Rev. B 74, 035408-1-6 (2006)
H. Kageshima, A. Taguchi, and K. Wada
"Theoretical study of nitrogen-doping effects on void formation processes in silicon crystal growth"

J. Appl. Phys. 100, 113513-1-7 (2006)
H. Omi, H. Kageshima, and M. Uematsu
"Scaling and universality of roughening in thermal oxidation of Si(001)"
Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 016102-1-4 (2006) [abstract]
H. Kageshima, M. Uematsu, T. Akiyama, and T. Ito
"Oxygen trap hypothesis in silicon oxide"
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 45, 7672-7674 (2006) [abstract]
S. Hosoi, K. Nakajima, M. Suzuki, K. Kimura, Y. Shimizu, S. Fukatsu, K. M. Itoh, M. Uematsu, H. Kageshima, and K. Shiraishi
"Observation of Si emission during thermal oxidation of Si(001) with high-resolution RBS"
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 249, 390-393 (2006) [abstract]
Y. Ono, J. -F. Morizur, K. Nishiguchi, K. Takashina, H. Yamaguchi, K. Hiratsuka, S. Horiguchi, H. Inokawa, Y. Takahashi
"Impurity conduction in phosphorus-doped buried-channel silicon-on-insulator field-effect transistors at temperatures between 10 and 295K"
Phys. Rev. Vol. B74, No. 23, 235317_1-235317_9 (2006) [abstract]
K. Takashina, Y. Ono, A. Fujiwara, Y. Takahashi, and Y. Hirayama
"Intersubband scattering in double-gate MOSFETs"
IEEE Trans. Nanotechnology Vol. 5, No.5, 430-435 (2006) [abstract]
K. Takashina, Y. Ono, A. Fujiwara, Y. Takahashi, and Y. Hirayama
"Direct observation of valley splitting at zero magnetic field"
Phys. Rev. Lett. Vol. 96, No. 23, 236801_1-236801-4 (2006) [abstract]
N. Clement, H. Inokawa, and Y. Ono
"Studies on MOSFET low-frequency noise for electrometer applications"
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. Vol. 45, No. 4B, 3606-3608 (2006) [abstract]



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