Date Name Affiliation Title of his or her lecture
27-Jul Dr. R. P. Sharma Univ. of Maryland Evidence for electronic phase separation in high-Tc cuprates and CMR Manganates
29-Aug Prof. Dr. Y. J. Uemura Columbia Univ. Condensation and Phase Seperation of High-Tc Superconductors Inferred from the Superfluid Density
19. Oct. Dr. L. Alff Univ. of Cologne Pairing symmetry and pseudogap in hole-doped and electron-doped high-Tc cuprates
24-Nov Prof. Dr. S. Suga Osaka Univ. High-energy & high-resolution photoemission spectroscopy of strongly correlated electron systems - separation of bulk and surface electronic structures
25-Dec Prof. Dr. Ganguly National Chemical Laboratory Pune, India Resistivity and metal-insulator transition

XV 00.12.26