Fabrication of ultra-fine structures beyond the limit of conventional lithography by controlling atomic processes on surfaces will lead to significant breakthrough in the future semiconductor technology. For application to the microelectronics industry, it is very important to achieve integration of the atomically controlled structures on the whole surface of a wafer. However, current atom-controlling techniques, such as atom manipulation by STM, can fabricate structures only on very limited area of a micron scale and do not satisfy this requirement. Therefore, these would not become a key technology in the future industry.
In our research group, we aim to contribute to the future key technology of Si integration on the basis of fundamental understanding of atomic and molecular processes on Si surfaces. Our primary goal is to establish a new concept of nanostructure fabrications by surface structure and reaction controls, or self-organization. The most important feature of this approach is to organize atomically controlled nanostructures to the scale of a full wafer.

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