Bill Munro
Name: Bill Munro
Bill is a distingished scientist and group leader at NTT BRL.
Email: william.munro(a)

A Brief History:

Bill graduated in 1989 with a BSc in Chemistry and Physics (Waikato, New Zealand), followed by an MSc in Physics (Waikato) in 1991 and a DpPhil in Quantum Optics (Waikato) in 1994. He moved to the computer industry in early 1995 where he worked on various projects. In July 1997 he accepted an Australian Research Council Fellowship at the Department of Physics in the University of Queensland, Australia. During this fellowship he investigated multiparticle tests of quantum mechanics and developed an interest in entanglement, methods to characterize it and its practical use in QIP. In 2000 he became a senior researcher in the Australian Special Centre for Quantum Information Processing). In November 2000 Bill joined HP Labs as a research scientist and was instrumental in HP's development of quantum enabled technologies. In early 2010 he moved to Japan and joined NTT BRL as a research specialist. This was followed in 2014 by being promoted to senior research scientist and became BRL's first foreign group leader. He currently runs the theoretical quantum physics research group.

My Research:

Bill has researched and published extensively in several areas of Physics; from foundational issues of quantum theory, quantum and atom optics through to quantum information processing and quantum state and process tomography, decoherence free subspaces and their application to practical QIP. His current interests have focussed around:

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