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Recent Research Activities

I moved (back) to "Molecular and Bio Science Research Group".

Our paper appears on the front cover of Anal. Chim. Acta.

A Happy New Year!
Updated a publication list.

-> Past Research Activities

Cover in Adv. Mater. Cover in Chem. Comm. Cover in Anal. Chem. Acta
Kazuaki Furukawa, Dr. Sci.

Present: Molecular and Bio Science Research Group
Former: Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials Research Group
Materials Science Research Laboratory
NTT Basic Research Laboratories

3-1 Morinosato Wakamiya, Atsugi,
Kanagawa, 243-0198 Japan

	Email: furukawa .kazuaki @lab.ntt.co.jp
	Phone: +81-46-240-3551
	  Fax: +81-46-270-2363


Graphene and Graphene Oxide

1. Protein Recognition at Grphene Oxide Surface Modified by Aptamer
2. CVD Growth of Graphene Using Organic Solid Source

Lipid Bilayer / Artificial Cell Membrane

1. Microchannel Device Using Self-Spreading Lipid Bilayer as Molecule Carrier >>> Activity Report 2006
2. Electrostatic Control of Artificial Cell Membrane Self-Spreading >>> Activity Report 2011
3. Highly Integrative Artificial Cell Membrane Microarray >>> Activity Report 2011, Inside Front Cover
4. Manipulation of Biomolecules on Solid Substrate Using Artificial Cell Membrane >>> Activity Report 2011
5. Quantitative Analyses of FRET Efficiency of Dye Molecules Confined within 2-Dimensional Space >>> Activity Report 2007

Single Molecular Science

1. Carrier Injection and Transport of Conductive Polymer-Based Devices >>> Activity Report 2003
2. Photoresponse Behavior of Conjugated Polymer-Based Nano Device >>> Activity Report 2004
3. Electron Transport through Single Au Nanoparticle
4. Single Chain and SUpramolecular Structures of Grafted Polysilane >>> Advanced Materials Front Cover Picture

Silicon-backbone Materials
--- Syntheses, Characterization, and Electronic Properties

Silicon Network Polymer --- network silicon backbone
Octasilacubane --- cubic silicon backbone

Optoelectronic Properties of Polysilane Thin Film
--- Carrier Drift Mobility, Electroluminescence



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