- 3 MBE growth apparatus (e-gun based, with EIES)

- 1 surface analysis apparatus (XPS, UPS, Auger, LEELS)

- 1 high-resolution Angle-Resolved PhotoEmission Spectroscopy
(ARPES) apparatus with low-temperature sample stage
(now being connected directly to an MBE chamber)

Films are grown by reactive coevaporation (MBE) from metal sources with the assistance of O3 or RF activated O*. The evaporation beam flux of each element is controlled by a feedback system using Electron Impact Emission Spectrometry (EIES). With the aid of RHEED observation during film growth, the rate for each element can be adjusted reproducibly to the stoichiometry with an accuracy of better than 1%.  "in situ ARPES" is proceeding. Standard 4 probe resistivity measurement system, SQUID, XRD, tunnel spectroscopy measurement system, Rs (surface resistance) measurement system, Wafer Jc measurement system, etc. are available.