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Telecom-band Nanowire PhC Laser

We demonstrated an InAsP/InP single-nanowire telecom-band laser (diameter ~100 nm) on Si photonic crystal platform for the first time.
Our 1st demonstration of the pulsed telecom-band nanowire laser is reported in 2015 [Takiguchi, et. al., IPC 2015]. Using the same system,
we also demonstrated CW lasing and 10 Gbit/s optical modulation using a SSPD and a TCSPC module. From this result, we obtained clear opened
eye-diagram by superimposing the averaged PRBS data over a specific time period [Takiguchi, et. al., APL photonics 2017]. About this result,
NTT and AIP have sent out a press release [NTT press release, AIP Journals in the News].


Fast & High β Embedded MQW PhC Laser

We study spontaneous emission control and lasing oscillation of embedded multiple quantum well (MQW) in InP photonic crystal nanocavities. We
observed large emission rate ratio between the on- and off-resonant conditions of 30:1. This is the highest ratio reported for MQW nano-laser
[Takiguchi, et. al., APL 2013] . By adopting high β embedded multiple quantum well photonic crystal nanocavities, we have also demonstrated smooth
lasing transition, which indicates thresholdless-like lasing theoretically predicted, by mean of L-L curve analysis, linewidth analysis, and photon
correlation measurements [Takiguchi, et. al., OE 2016].