Magnetic trapping of 87Rb |F=2, mF=+1> and |F=2, mF=+2> atoms

This is the image of atomic cloud recaptured using magnetic trap just after evaporative cooling. Without depumping, evaporatively cooled atoms distribute not only mF=+2 sublevel, but also the other mF sublevels (mF=-2, -1, 0, +1). In these sublevels only mF=+2 and mF+1 atoms are weak field seeking and they can be trapped in cloverleaf magnetic trap. The magnetic confinement of mF=+2 sublevel is about the twice of that of mF=+1.

Fig.1 : Trapped 87Rb | F=2, mF=+1 > and | F=2, mF=+2 > using cloverleaf magnetic trap.

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