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Senior Distinguished Researcher

Shingo Tsukada

Shingo Tsukada

Basic Research Laboratories
Materials Science lab.

Research Subject

Medicine, Physiology, Biomedical interface & data analysis

Assigned period

Apr. 1, 2018-


Shingo TSUKADA received his M.D. degrees from Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Japan and his medical license in 1990. He received the Ph.D. degrees in medicine from Tsukuba University, Japan in 2003 respectively. He was a visiting researcher at University of California at San Diego, U.S.A. during 2003-2005. He joined NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation in 2010 as a Research Specialist, and from 2013 as a Senior Research Scientist. Since then, he has been engaged in the study of mechanism and activity control of signal transduction of brain cell. His current interests are the detection of biomedical signals using novel wearable-type and implant-type bioelectrodes based on the composites of conductive polymers with various fibers and textiles. He was designated as fellow of NTT in 2018. He is a member of Society for Neuroscience, the Physiological Society of Japan, the Japan Society of Applied Physics, the Japan Neuroscience Society, the Japanese Circulation Society, and the Japanese Orthopaedic Association.